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Sportsfilter - Whats the S.P.?

Any news on the other subsite ideas? I ask as the world cup is on right now, and you could try out sportsfilter for the world cup only maybe? [more inside]
posted by marienbad on Jun 18, 2014 - 68 comments

Chelsea headhunter.

What makes this a good FPP?
posted by brautigan on Sep 20, 2007 - 124 comments

MeFi affiliates?

Is there a complete list somewhere of all the 'affiliate' Metafilter sites like Monkeyfilter, Metachat, Sportsfilter, etc? What official relationship do they have with the main site, if any? Is there an official policy on creating your own *filter site? Encouraged, frowned upon?
posted by empath on Aug 8, 2007 - 44 comments

Stop crapping in the sports threads

I'm so cool because I don't like sports
posted by insomnus on Apr 29, 2006 - 117 comments

Learning from our children

kirkaracha has been doing some fantastic stuff over at SportsFilter. Perhaps some of the changes made there should be considered for implementation on MetaFilter? [mi]
posted by panoptican on Dec 25, 2005 - 5 comments

MetaFilter parody, by SportsFilter

The latest MetaFilter Parody [Please scroll down a bit], courtesy of SportsFilter, though not up to classic standards [No links from me], is certainly funny enough. But it does seem, well, just a trifle incomplete...
posted by MiguelCardoso on Mar 31, 2003 - 10 comments

Take it to Sportsfilter

Here's a fun brain teaser for ya. Wouldn't sports oriented front page posts like this and this be better suited in SportsFilter? And if not, why not?
posted by ZachsMind on Oct 7, 2002 - 24 comments

Metatalk for sportsfilter and blogroots? here?

Should one post etiquette/policy/bugs/feature requests for Sportsfilter and Blogroots in Metatalk , directly on both sites, via email, elsewhere? Assume identical guidelines apply as in Metafilter ? Thanks.
posted by Voyageman on Jun 25, 2002 - 4 comments

My triangle of sources

Gotta ask: how many of us poor souls are now lost in the certainly blessed, aesthetically coherent but ultimately life-consuming Bermuda Triangle of Sportsfilter; Blogroots and MetaFilter?
posted by MiguelCardoso on Jun 24, 2002 - 30 comments

Guidelines for MeFi vs Sportsfilter

With World Cup fanaticism one week away (for some of us ever present), what are guidelines for Metafilter posts (eg vs Sportsfilter posts) ? Thanks.
posted by Voyageman on May 23, 2002 - 29 comments

Let's take Olympics posts to sportsfilter.com

I've been tempted lately to request that people 'take it to sportsfilter.com' with the olympic posts. Since sportsfilter is a spawn of metafilter...it seems like doing so would help Both, but i'm not sure. It just seems like an excellent opportunity to reduce the number of posts here while helping build up sportsfilter.
posted by th3ph17 on Feb 12, 2002 - 13 comments

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