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Misleading Tags

Please don't create deliberately misleading tags. Thankee.
posted by mediareport on Aug 6, 2006 - 32 comments

Tags For Deleted Posts Need To Be Deleted

It would seem to me that a deleted post with tags would be more useful than a tag that hasn't any posts. [example] (if the tags hadn't been deleted). Why aren't all deleted posts purged of tags [example] so that search results are less questionable?
posted by tellurian on Aug 4, 2006 - 16 comments

Tag feeds in Ask MeFi don't work in NetNewsWire

Tag feeds (like this one) in Ask MeFi don't work in NetNewsWire though they work in Safari. Can anyone duplicate this or offer me a solution?
posted by Mo Nickels on Jul 26, 2006 - 9 comments

Posts tagged with "asshole"

Why is this showing only one of the posts?
posted by IronLizard on Jul 25, 2006 - 4 comments

Question mark in a tag gives an error when clicked.

Question mark in a tag gives an error when clicked.
posted by dobbs on Jul 24, 2006 - 4 comments

Beefy ID3 tags on MeFi Music songs, please!

Hello! I'm addicted to MetaFilter Music. One thing I'd like to encourage is well-fleshed ID3 data. Some of the songs I've downloaded simply say things like "Track 4" and then I can't figure out who the hell provided me with the wonderful ear-candy. Thanks to everyone for posting their tunes!
posted by sciurus on Jul 12, 2006 - 13 comments

Display problem on the tag cloud page for MeFi music

Is it just me or are the tags on this page so small as to be useless? They look like they're embedded in 100 small tags. Safari.
posted by dobbs on Jul 4, 2006 - 16 comments

Thanks for adding resolved tags to your AskMe posts

Related somewhat to the post below, I'd like to thank everyone who has started adopting the custom of adding "resolved" or "updated" tags to their questions. Browsing those tags can be very interesting.
posted by CunningLinguist on Jun 28, 2006 - 15 comments

site to site tag links?

Would it be possible/easy/useful to have a link between a tag page in MeFi and the same tag page in AskMe? I find I want to look at similar tags in both and switching easily would be a convenience.
posted by biffa on Jun 26, 2006 - 2 comments

AskMe tag bug and pony request

Bug and pony request: example page Bug - this is the list of questions tagged in Ask with publishing. When I get to the bottom of the page it lets me click on "older questions". However, many of the questions on page two are the same ones as those on page one. Feature request - Any way to get the name of the OP to appear on the tags page? Right now it just lists time and date. Thx.
posted by dobbs on Jun 10, 2006 - 3 comments

Could we get a spoiler tag?

Could we get a <spoiler> tag?
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket on May 28, 2006 - 42 comments

'All' tags on AskMetafilter

A couple of days back, I saw a page that listed 'all' tags ever used on Ask.MetaFilter. Clicking the tags didn't take me anywhere (they weren't linked, I think) but the page did exist. Is it still available and will the tags be linked anytime soon ?
posted by sk381 on May 14, 2006 - 4 comments

Why don't people add tags?

Use of the Damned Tags Filter:
Why don't people tag their posts? A simple addition of Colbert to the previous thread would have made it insanely easy to find.
posted by fenriq on May 2, 2006 - 74 comments

Duplicate tags, FPP title attribute pony request

Bug: You can attach the same tag multiple times to a post.
Pony: Title attribute on FPP link field?
posted by blue_beetle on May 1, 2006 - 13 comments

Scientology-tagged posts averaged 82 comments in 2006.

MetaScientologyFilter. A brief analysis of the number of comments per post with various tags yields the following: Bush is a surefire way to get comments, with an average of 76 comments per post tagged with the President's name, followed by the oft-maligned Newsfilter tag, with 75.6 comments per post. They both beat sex (64.8), video (30.9), and the big loser, art (21.3). But all must bow before Scientology (82). [more inside]
posted by blahblahblah on Apr 26, 2006 - 51 comments

All tags page is down

http://www.metafilter.com/tags/ gives a connection failure.
posted by blue_beetle on Apr 17, 2006 - 11 comments

Blink tags don't kill threads, users who post blink tags kill threads.

Blink tags don't kill threads, users who post blink tags kill threads. [more inside. this is not about a four letter word for god]
posted by cytherea on Apr 6, 2006 - 187 comments


Someone added tags to my post. I'll wear the 'obit' and 'obituary' but the '.' has to go. When I try to delete it i get "Looks like you're trying to delete tags fromto the wrong post. Go ."
posted by tellurian on Mar 27, 2006 - 78 comments

Punctuation in Tags

Oops, putting a question mark at the end of tags breaks the tag URLs.
posted by Armitage Shanks on Mar 23, 2006 - 3 comments

List of your top ten answered tags from AskMe?

Tags: User profiles show "Top ten tags used on Ask MetaFilter posts" -- which is neat!, but would it maybe be really neat if there were a "Top ten tags used on Ask MetaFilter answers"? I know that what I've asked about and what I've answered to are in pretty different realms.
posted by mimi on Mar 16, 2006 - 13 comments

Unclosed tags in Recent Comments

In My Recent Comments, one of the long comments was truncated in the middle of an < i>italicized section< /i>. Consequently, the italics weren't closed for the rest of My Recent Comments.
posted by Aknaton on Feb 28, 2006 - 25 comments

MetaTalk Tags

[pony] Tags in MetaTalk?
posted by Afroblanco on Feb 11, 2006 - 16 comments

Bad Tags

BTW, I only added "britney spears" to the list of tags on this post because anybody searching MeFi for info on Britney deserves to be misdirected ;-)

posted by Captain_Tenille on Feb 3, 2006 - 20 comments

Tag Search Testing

I'm testing out tag search on MeFi. Here's a search for "goo" and one for "music" showing typical results. It can be reached on the search page. Post any bugs or further suggestions inside.
posted by mathowie on Feb 2, 2006 - 34 comments

RSS feeds for tags on both mefi and ask mefi

New feature: RSS feeds for tags on both mefi and ask mefi (example). Tag pages have links to feeds, or just add /rss to the URL to get the feed.
posted by mathowie on Feb 1, 2006 - 26 comments

Can we have a usertags page?

I really like the "Users that often use this tag:" list on MetaFilter and AskMe, where you can see how often certain users have used a particular tag. Is there any way we could have this tally added to our userpages, or have a "usertags" page a la the "usercontacts" page? That is, when you go to so-and-so's userpage you can see a list of all the tags they've used (like on the Post A Link page) and how many times they've used 'em.
posted by Gator on Jan 27, 2006 - 17 comments

Backtagging AskMe and MeFi

Dear Matt, would it be possible to grant a few trusted volunteers enough rights to be able to add tags to the MeFi and AskMe back catalogue?
posted by biffa on Jan 26, 2006 - 180 comments

Can the Questions tagged with pages also include the best answer checkmark

Small pony requests: Can the Questions tagged with pages also include the best answer checkmark next to threads that have best answers? And maybe use the standard "X comments" link instead of "View this thread" by each thread?
posted by DakotaPaul on Jan 25, 2006 - 2 comments

Should including long humorous tags in AskMe posts be frowned upon?

Should including long humorous tags in AskMe posts (like ihopeclayaikendoesnthaveabiggerpenisthanmetoo) be frowned upon?
posted by i love cheese on Jan 21, 2006 - 27 comments

Minor suggestion

Minor suggestion: on Ask, the tag explainer sentence could be rearranged for better clarity. Right now it says something like "Combine words to make a tag (example: ipod stereo audio carstereo)". Perhaps putting the combined example (carstereo) first and providing another example or two would help some of the people who can't seem to grasp tags.
posted by Manhasset on Jan 21, 2006 - 3 comments

All Tags Page

There was a page that listed 'all' tags that had been used on Ask MetaFilter. I can't seem to find it now. Any clues where it is now?
posted by sk381 on Jan 17, 2006 - 5 comments

Suggested use of robots.txt for better searching of MeFi and related subdomains

Robots.txt for the <tagname>.metafilter.com domains should exclude all rebots. Currently the robots reindex the entire site for each subdomain.
posted by Sharcho on Jan 15, 2006 - 23 comments

The tags have gone missing from the ebay scam question.

Tag conveniently gone missing?. Like many others, I've been following the askme thread originally posted by airnxtz where he is found to be a scammer and where hopefully we will soon have word about the consequences of his scamming. Normally I search for this thread by looking at the "all posts tagged ebay", but the question is no longer listed on that page. In fact once I found the question, I see that it no longer has the ebay tag or any other tag. I assume that though airnxtz has lost his posting privileges, he still has the privilege to edit his own tags and has done so. Otherwise, what happened to the tag and can we get it back?
posted by duck on Jan 9, 2006 - 39 comments

Link to tags on question page

When I'm posting a question on Ask MeFi, I would find it convenient for the question form page to feature a link to the Tags page. For the tag function to be a maximum value, it would seem to me that one should use the tags the group has consensually declared to be the appropriate tags for the subject. Obviously, you can access the tags page in other ways, but a link right there would be nice.
posted by mojohand on Jan 8, 2006 - 6 comments

Complete lists of MeFi and AskMe tags - gone?

Complete lists of MeFi and AskMe tags - gone?
posted by hangashore on Dec 30, 2005 - 7 comments

Tag lists aren't up to date.

As previously reported, tag lists appeear to be non-current. specifically
posted by Ogre Lawless on Dec 28, 2005 - 1 comment

mysterious tag copy

Why do posts without tags appear with the mysterious copy "Tags: Wanna reach people who know their way around the Web? Contact FM." in place of a blank "Tags:" field in the newish Yahoo search results? (posted under bugs out of a better place to file it)
posted by mwhybark on Dec 25, 2005 - 7 comments

Looking for an old post.

Here or AskMeFi?

i'm not sure if i should post this here or ask mefi, but i'm looking for an old post that i found around Thanksgiving.

It was a blog and/or humorous editorial about Thanksgiving in the White House. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and/or know where I can find it?
I've searched for keywords and searched the tags, but i'm just not finding it.
posted by pelican on Dec 21, 2005 - 2 comments

I am unable to add tags to my latest post.

I am unable to add tags to my latest post. I click on "add tags", and I am redirected to the Front Page. Safari, OSX.
posted by matteo on Dec 19, 2005 - 9 comments


I didn't put the tag 'gay marriage' on my post, and I didn't change the formatting so as to make comments #2 & #7 nonsensical.

That's 'cos I didn't see it as being about gay marriage. I guess someone else did. You have got my email address, so...
posted by dash_slot- on Dec 9, 2005 - 16 comments

Tags with Phrases

Tags with "multiple words in quotes" instead of onewordwikistyle (and clear guidelines on the tagging convention) might prevent people from making such messes with their tags. (I know the posting area clearly says multiple words should be strung together, but people just don't read, and it's not intuitive.) Granted, I know this would screw up the hundreds of posts already tagged, so then maybe this is better off as a another call for a trusted "tagging clean-up committee"
posted by Robot Johnny on Dec 7, 2005 - 12 comments

Make tag and category links work on preview

Make tag and category links work on preview
posted by Sharcho on Dec 2, 2005 - 13 comments

New tag suggestion method

What's the best way to suggest a new tag for an existing post? E-mailing or IMing jessamyn? The original poster? Or should I just not worry about it? I can just keep a mark of it in my own del.icio.us, but that doesn't help anyone else who wants to search the same thing.
posted by grouse on Dec 2, 2005 - 32 comments

User questions double post policy

On duplicates, tags, and link quality... [more inside]
posted by knave on Nov 21, 2005 - 20 comments

Adding Tags?

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I was wondering if readers would ever be able to add tags to a thread. The reason I am asking is that when I wanted to show the video linked at the top of this thread to a friend, I first looked here. When I did find what I was looking for soon after, it occured to me that if I could just add a video tag to the thread, it might help someone else. Again, I apologize for for whining about something that might already be a resolved issue - I don't frequent Metatalk much.
posted by jann on Nov 19, 2005 - 12 comments

tag+tag browsing in Ask Metafilter is returning unhelpful results

tag+tag browsing in Ask Metafilter is returning unhelpful results. A blank result is returned even if I click on the + off a single tag's page. WinXP/FireFox/Metafilthy.
posted by Mitheral on Nov 14, 2005 - 7 comments

Tags Aren't Working?

Why doesn't the french+music tag find this post tagged with both french and music?
posted by smackfu on Oct 21, 2005 - 5 comments

This doesn't look quite right...

Looks like MeFi edits out div tags in comments, but not div closing tags ...

posted by 5MeoCMP on Oct 6, 2005 - 5 comments

Live preview ignores tag order incorrectly.

Live preview ignores tag order incorrectly. [more inside]
posted by Chuckles on Oct 2, 2005 - 6 comments

The top-100 tags page doesn't list Katrina.

The top-100 tags page doesn't list Katrina. With 93 posts to date, it belongs right between fun and weird. It's also missing from this page.
posted by grateful on Sep 12, 2005 - 7 comments

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