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MeFi Mail Feature Request

MeFi Mail feature request: Under the Contacts tab you find the person's username as a link to their User page. I'd love to see that in the Inbox and Sent mail tab's use of the username, as well.
posted by spock on Dec 21, 2007 - 16 comments

Want usernames spelled out

It would be nice if one's username pointed to the spelled-out version somewhere on the front page—maybe on the upper right—so it could be easily found. It's useful for typing in other users' names when you want to see what they've been up to. Much more useful than, say, this.
posted by interrobang on Aug 17, 2006 - 41 comments

Can I change my username on MeFi?

Chameleon-Pony Request: Can I change my username on MeFi, or would it forever ruin the MeFi/google/other balance and you'd prefer I don't?

I really don't use this username like... anywhere anymore... I've been around MeFi for a few years now I think, and even back when I registered I was considering ditching this dumb nickname.

Aside from recent weeks where I've been AskMeFi crazy, I've been lurk-ish enough that I highly doubt anyone has any real association with my name (I'm not like ParisParamus, for example) so I don't think it would throw anyone off, really.
posted by twiggy on Jan 26, 2006 - 7 comments

Can we move the byline to the top?

Suggestion for a small format change: how about putting the byline on top of the comment in discussion threads? This would allow us to efficiently skip comments from users we don't want to hear from without resorting to user killfiles, and without wasting precious seconds of I'm-surfing-at-work-and-I-really-shouldn't-be-doing-this time to realize that this is a comment from that guy. Having the byline at the top would save a bit of scrolling and skimming, since you'd know what you're getting into right from the start. Also, some MeFites are "must-reads" for me and I'd like to make sure I don't blow past them.
posted by Quietgal on Dec 17, 2005 - 43 comments

Search by username

While I'm at it, I'd love to see a users page that would include the list from the members link on the 'powered by' bar, the 'search by user name' think Matt put together recently, and also a seach by username. What other ideas can y'all add.
posted by Sean Meade on Apr 21, 2001 - 7 comments

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