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Another One Bites The Dust?

Forktine is gone? No! Why? Does anyone know what happened, or if he's coming back?
posted by newpotato on Jul 20, 2011 - 2 comments

Don't do it Hermitosis

Metafilter is flirting with disaster. Just in case.
posted by Who_Am_I on Feb 14, 2009 - 26 comments

No one here but ghosts and odes to Dan Savage.

Disabled accounts show up in "nearby users." I clicked on this profile and then had to click on this username (because, WTF? Was santorum taken?). Well, to make matters slightly weirder, a search for santorum brings up the username and the user's "real" name, though it's no longer visible in the profile.
posted by desjardins on Oct 10, 2008 - 14 comments

reasons for leaving

Lately, I've noticed that quite a number of people whose presence I've enjoyed have disabled accounts. Are the majority of those people closing accounts leaving of their own accord?
posted by fake on Oct 3, 2008 - 137 comments

Wo bist du, Peter?

What happened to koeselitz? Come back! I always appreciate your intelligent, thoughtful, learned comments. [more inside]
posted by nasreddin on Feb 14, 2008 - 87 comments

WTF, quonsar?

This account is disabled. What? When? Why?
posted by timeistight on Nov 23, 2007 - 462 comments

Does anyone want my account?

I never use this name/account, so I was wondering if anyone was interested in taking it over...
posted by wondergirl on Dec 15, 2004 - 69 comments

I want to delete my account

in most communities, you can leave when you're ready to move on.
posted by patricking on Jul 31, 2003 - 212 comments

Was this account hijacked?

I'm having trouble reconciling this MetaTalk post with this user page and oh, this first comment and this later comment.
I'm thinking not the same person...

Hijacked account? somebody borrow mom's password?
posted by y2karl on Apr 4, 2003 - 26 comments

What's the opinion on selling-on user ID's?

What's the opinion on selling-on user ID's?
posted by Frasermoo on Mar 26, 2003 - 25 comments

Sharing accounts

Now that it's becoming a trend (#1, #2, #3), does anyone else think publicly sharing accounts to circumvent site registration is a bad idea?
posted by rcade on Jan 3, 2002 - 32 comments

Multi-account MeFi abuser is back

If he hates MetaFilter so much, why does he keep this up?
posted by briank on May 15, 2001 - 49 comments

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