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November 27, 2013

Surprise! Thanks, Secret Quonsar!
A mysterious box arrived in the mail today... [more inside]
posted by ApathyGirl at 6:59 PM - 715 comments

October 14, 2013

When in Rome, meetup as Romans meetup 20-21? oct 2013
Trying to organize a quick meetup for 20-21 October! Calling all Mefites in Rome! [more inside]
posted by elpapacito at 11:48 AM - 1 comment

February 28, 2013

Live from Boston!
posted by grateful at 4:51 PM - 71 comments

September 21, 2010

Meet me between the PRT and the DFAC
OEF Meetup? [more inside]
posted by atchafalaya at 8:02 AM - 7 comments

August 4, 2010

MeFites playing StarCraft II?
MeFites playing StarCraft II? I'm looking for friends for multiplayer shenanigans. [more inside]
posted by sciurus at 12:03 PM - 27 comments

August 3, 2010

Free comix related thingie
Are other Minnesotans planning on going to Indie Xpo (warning: auto-starting video embedded) on the 21st (at the Soap Factory in Mini-apple-ous)? [more inside]
posted by edgeways at 9:32 PM - 8 comments

July 31, 2010

DC Meetup again?
I am going to DC this week. I have read there was a meet up around the 4th. Yet I'll ask anyway: anyone up for meeting up on this semi-special occasion? [more inside]
posted by JoeXIII007 at 7:23 PM - 18 comments

July 30, 2010

You are here, part II
Attention residents of Davis, CA. You have outed yourselves. Why haven't we ever had a meetup? [more inside]
posted by mudpuppie at 3:28 PM - 35 comments

Slogging On the Road
I'm not the only one reading On the Road for the MeCha discussion starting August 16, am I? Now that we voted, and I lost, hope all you victors in our poll, and maybe some of the rest of us who were in the minority, are plugging away at this book. [more inside]
posted by bearwife at 10:57 AM - 19 comments

July 29, 2010

Synthosaurus in Vancouver BC!
MeFi's own CarrotAdventure's dinosaurs-and-keytars band, Synthosaurus (Facebook - YouTube), is going to be playing an all-ages show in Vancouver BC at the Little Mountain Gallery on Wednesday, August 4. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm, five bucks cover. Assuming I can get across the border, I'll be there. Anyone else interested? We can "hang out"!
posted by Karlos the Jackal at 7:15 PM - 11 comments

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