March 1


Is there a way to see the tags on a post when using the mobile platform? If not, can this be added? Thanks awesome people!

February 28

Should searching a sub-site make all search boxes go to the subsite?

Here's how I inevitably search Ask Metafilter:
  1. Click on "AskMeFi".
  2. Type a search in the search box.
  3. Realize I want to search for something else.
  4. Type a search in the top right (original) search box.
  5. Realize I've searched MetaFilter because I used the wrong box.
[more inside]

February 27

Mefite Amazon reviews of The Dress on Vox's famous website

I just wanted to give a shoutout to naju and NoraReed for having Amazon reviews quoted in this article from Vox about The Dress. If other mefites were also featured, I apologize for not recognizing your username.

pdfs, the silent killer...

Small feature request: can we have pdfs mark themselves as such automatically? [more inside]

February 26

Modern theme with new post counter? Yes we can!

With help from pb, I've put together a Greasemonkey userscript to display the old "x new posts and comments since your last visit" message that's been removed from the new Modern Theme. [more inside]

February 24


I'm issuing a #WomensMarch* Challenge - can we add 100 extra FFPs by women in the month of March? [more inside]

New HTML Buttons in the Modern Theme

This is no longer a test. We just added new bold, italic, and link buttons to comment forms in the modern theme. [more inside]

Special snowflake question inside

I'm interested in the etymology of the descriptor 'snowflake', where it refers to a person stating inwardly unique emotions or situations. This has arisen out of finding a strangely amusing definition through a work task, but I can't find the root or origin of 'snowflake' as it is used on MetaFilter. [more inside]

February 23

Have there ever been any posts on the Blue you found too late?

I stumbled across the works of the poet Mark Strand very recently, and to my sadness found he had died not long ago. I found the MetaFilter thread in his memory and wanted to add a comment in memoriam about a very touching poem of his, as other MeFites had indeed done, but the thread was closed. So now I'm wondering: are there any threads on the Blue that you want to add to, but the thread is closed and perhaps on a subject that is unlikely to be raised again? [more inside]

February 22

Can we focus more on the intent of a post, and less on the phrasing?

It seems to me that people are often attacked over a poor choice of words, while the rest of their post goes unacknowledged. [more inside]

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