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Metatalktail Hour: Other Science Facts

Good Saturday Evening, Metafilter! In honor of the March for Science, share your favorite science story or science fact!
posted by Eyebrows McGee to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 3:48 PM
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Real Life Impact

Tim Carmody, posting on Kottke.org, polled about "websites that changed your life". Of the relatively small number of answers, four were from MetaFilter:
posted by Rumple to MetaTalk on Apr 24 at 11:16 AM
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Metatalktail Hour: Wrongness in the Kitchen

What's the weirdest/worst/dumbest/most obnoxious thing in your kitchen?
posted by LobsterMitten to MetaTalk on Apr 15 at 1:09 PM
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Introducing the Faves & Flags roleplaying system

We've received a large volume of user complaints in the last few months about performance issues with our current version of reality, and so today we're rolling out some fantasy instead to see if that can help take the strain off. Please help us beta test this new initiative with the Faves & Flags Character Sheet Generator. Want more detail? Check out what little remains of the original game manual (or a more legible and screen-reader friendly OCR version here).
posted by cortex to MetaTalk on Apr 1 at 1:30 PM
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Greetings, Sapients! Did you know: MetaFilter has an official chat channel/room/etc.? This is a fact: IT DOES! [previously: the unofficial MetaFilter chat site] It is a very fun and interesting and wondrous place (especially when I am not there) full of assorted cute animal GIFs (especially when Metafilter's Own bread crumbs is there) and random nonsense (especially when I AM there). I promise you that we do not bite unless you sign the consent form and submit it in triplicate three weeks or greater in advance - guess how that tradition started! You will have to guess, the court records are sealed. Ha HA! Dental appliances. Please stay frosty and/or toasty, and as always, vote your preferred brand of quidnunc kid #1!
posted by Evilspork to MetaTalk on Apr 24 at 12:24 PM
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State of MetaFilter, 2017

Heya, folks, it's time (and then some!) for a State of MetaFilter post. I want to give everybody an update on how the site is doing financially, and catch y'all up on the major goings-on in both the business and community aspects of MetaFilter in the time since the last State of MeFi post.

The very short version: it's been a weird couple years out there in the world; we've hired a couple staff and wished pb well; and things are financially pretty stable, thanks in significant part to the ongoing generosity of the MetaFilter community whose contributions continue to represent a vital chunk of the site's operating revenue. But come on inside for a much less short version!
posted by cortex to MetaTalk on Mar 22 at 8:26 AM
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Best of the Best of the Best, Sir! With Honors, Sir!

Click on "My Profile". Click on the number to the right of "Favorited by others:". Just to the right of the phrase "Show Favorites Activity", click on the word "Popular". Copy and paste the top result into this MeTa thread (with hyperlink).
posted by WCityMike to MetaTalk on Apr 13 at 9:09 AM
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please shorten the new post window by a few hours

I frequently find myself with time to browse, compose, and share content at about the same time of day. Multiple times it's happened that I type my stuff in, hit 'post' and get an error message that I have to wait, say, 18 more minutes, or 6 more minutes. This is mildly annoying. I suggest the post wait time be shortened from 24 hours to say, 21 hours or 23 hours.
posted by bq to MetaTalk on Apr 13 at 9:06 AM
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Why doesn't MetaFilter use SSL by default for everyone?

It's opt-in for members, but why not use it by default for everyone?
posted by gorcha to MetaTalk on Sep 16, 2016 at 11:12 AM
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"Most Favorited Tracks from your contacts" is A Thing

  1. Go to music.metafilter.com
  2. Check sidebars
  3. One will list "Most Favorited Tracks from your contacts"
  4. Some of these songs won't be Jingle Rock Bell (but luckily some will)
  5. Punch 'Em In The Dick!
  6. (Er, by which I mean "please comment, favourite or just enjoy listening to the best of MeFi Music")
  7. Cheers MetaFilter!

posted by comealongpole to MetaTalk on Apr 12 at 3:19 PM
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April Showers Bring May Flowers*

What we plant, we sow. The flowers we have during the summer can be of our choosing. How about we take from whenever this is posted until May 1 to create as many simply happy, joyous, silly, or positive posts as possible to The Blue?
posted by hippybear to MetaTalk on Apr 11 at 3:25 AM
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Quiet Car Dance Party

Mod Emeritus Jessamyn is stuck on a delayed Amtrak train but she seems to be ok.
posted by gwint to MetaTalk on Apr 10 at 7:53 PM
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navigating and posting

Very new to this site and not good at navigating in general. Would like to know how I go about posting general questions. For instance if I have a question about cars...do I do a search for cars and then post a question in that particular area? Pardon my clumsiness...this site was recommended highly and I've been told, I can't do or say anything stupid or I will be kicked out, so I want to ask before i attempt anything.
posted by hammail2001 to MetaTalk on Jun 8, 2009 at 8:48 AM
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Personal attacks and biased moderating: is this what we want on Metafilter?

"indie-music" weblog contributors sought

I'm looking for some webloggers to contribute to my new "indie-music" weblog. I'm looking for weblogging of the most journalistic kind here. Visit my weblog for more information.

Are you passionate about music? Do you read a lot of websites? Give something back.
posted by tweebiscuit to MetaTalk on Aug 21, 2001 at 7:08 AM
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I turned in my dissertation on Diana monkey behavior, ecology, reproduction, and endocrinology on Tuesday. The culmination of 5 years of work including 19 months of fieldwork, 4 months of lab work, a week in the hospital. It is literally the product of my blood, sweat, tears, and some other bodily fluids. I birthed botflies, sheltered innumerable... [more]
posted by ChuraChura to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 6:04 AM
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Favorite science story of the day: I was taking BART to the science march in San Francisco, and most everyone on the train was going to the march (lots of signs, lab coats, buttons). A family with two little girls got on, also going to the march, and the bigger little girl wanted to stand rather than sit. Her mom told her she had to hold on to the... [more]
posted by lazuli to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 4:57 PM
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In the 1930s, two German scientists secretly sent their solid gold Nobel Prize medals to the Niels Bohr Institute in Copenhagen to keep them out of Nazi hands. Then Hitler invaded Denmark. To ensure the medals weren't discovered, George de Hevesy dissolved them in a mixture of nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, then left the flask containing the... [more]
posted by Gerald Bostock to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 5:27 PM
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I don't know if it's my FAVORITE science tale, but a recent one: I was doing some yardwork, and noticed a whole bunch of mushrooms growing in the remains of an old partially-rotted stump in our yard. Naturally, as with most items I encounter in or on the ground, I wondered if I could eat them. After a while googling, I determined they were... [more]
posted by Greg Nog to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 7:20 PM
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So many fun biology facts. You can also have a single horseshoe shaped kidney! And when they transplant a kidney, they don't remove the old one! Topping the list of amazing science things I've seen/done was definitely scrubbing into a liver transplant on a patient I'd been following for a couple weeks. Her liver function was so poor that we... [more]
posted by bobobox to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 2:41 PM
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Human breast milk contains a type of sugar known as oligosaccharides. They are, in fact, the third biggest ingredient in breast milk. And yet, human babies can't digest them. Why are we filling our breasts with sugar that babies can't even eat? It's not for the babies, it's for bacteria in their stomachs. Good bacteria loves eating... [more]
posted by smoke to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 10:35 PM
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In the words of my wizened, elderly, and extremely stern German anatomy professor: Zere are five water fowl in ze thorazic cavity: Zee esopha-goose Zee vay-goose (Vagus nerve) Zee azay -goose (azygous vein) Zee hemiazay-goose (hemiazygous vein) and zee thoracic-DUCK! (thoracic duct) Med school: fascinating and hilarious. [view]
posted by Slarty Bartfast to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 9:05 PM
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Everybody knows you should thank us biochemists for beer (at least, for large-scale consistent beer), but did you know we also discovered the magic that enables chocolate-covered cherries? I mean, how on earth do you put a cherry inside a chocolate shell completely filled with syrup? Invertase to the rescue, my friends! It is an enzyme that... [more]
posted by Quietgal to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 6:40 PM
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The jagged line on an EKG (the beep-beep-beep heart monitor thing in TV shows) isn't just some wiggly representation of your heart beat. The individual up and down lines show how electricity is spreading across the muscles of your heart, starting from the top, sliding down across the front, hitting the bottom and then traveling up along the sides,... [more]
posted by not_the_water to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 9:00 PM
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Seven years ago in preparation for moving into my own apartment for the first time, I bought a toaster oven for $1.50 at a garage sale. For months before my move, the toaster oven just sat on a shelf in my bedroom, since there was no space in the shared kitchen. One day, the house cat knocked it off the shelf; the toaster landed on its face and the... [more]
posted by Vibrissa to MetaTalk on Apr 21 at 8:14 AM
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NASA has an award voted on by astronauts to give to the ground crew, it's called the Silver Snoopy. The actual medal was designed by Charles Schulz and is a space-flown sterling silver pin (It used to be always be shuttle-flown but they aren't anymore because... Reasons). The award is presented, in person, by an astronaut from the mission and the... [more]
posted by 1f2frfbf to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 6:39 PM
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Why bother with a chat channel, just post whatever you want to chat about on the blue. I keep posting "'sup? A/S/L?" to AskMe but those overbearing communist moderators obviously have something against me because they keep deleting my questions. Is it now policy for the mods to start deliberately chatty MetaTalk threads?... [more]
posted by bondcliff to MetaTalk on Apr 24 at 1:08 PM
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Except that on certain occasions, for reasons of science or diplomacy, they choose to share them with others, because they are the Crown Jewels of the planet, not the nation. Sometimes they loan them to really cool teachers and kids get to look at them in class and then nerdy dads and moms of those kids get to come to class and hold a... [more]
posted by bondcliff to MetaTalk on Apr 22 at 7:00 PM
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Mr. Miller was my honors physics teacher in senior year of high school. He was also a farmer. He got up at like 3 a.m. and dealt with his cows and pigs and then came to school. We asked him if he drank a lot of coffee; he said no, he had to drink a big glass of milk fresh from the cow just to calm down enough to drive. I think there may have been... [more]
posted by little cow make small moo to MetaTalk on Apr 25 at 6:13 AM
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I mention this every opportunity I get - the notion that wings produce lift because of the pressure difference between the top and bottom surfaces is wrong and you should feel bad for believing it. Every science textbook illustrates lift as this idea of two particles starting at the leading edge of the airfoil and because of something something... [more]
posted by backseatpilot to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 7:20 AM
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I supervised a PhD in anaerobic digestion a couple of years back. The idea was to assess the potential for reducing parasitic energy in small systems to improve the economics of farm based AD. The aim was to consider whether stirring has as much impact on methane productivity as has been assumed in the literature (Spoiler: We think not). The method... [more]
posted by biffa to MetaTalk on Apr 24 at 6:26 AM
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My 21 year old marmie cat passed away about 5 years ago. Toward the end, the only two things she would reliably eat were her two favorite people foods, Haagen Dazs strawberry ice cream and angel hair pasta with red sauce. Her last little single-serve cup of ice cream is still in the door of the freezer, and her last nearly-empty box of angel hair... [more]
posted by The Underpants Monster to MetaTalk on Apr 19 at 2:33 PM
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A partially defrosted adult squirrel, on a miniature viking boat-style funeral pyre, requires a surprising amount of petrol (gasoline) for an effective - full - and befitting cremation. [view]
posted by Wordshore to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 5:56 AM
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I can remember learning, in otherwise ungreat biology class, that earthworms had five hearts because we dissected a worm and saw them! I've mentioned this story before, but my dad was a physicist and got to work for/with NIST before time was networked. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory was building satellite tracking stations all over... [more]
posted by jessamyn to MetaTalk on Apr 23 at 8:44 AM
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Also, this sounds strange, but Metafilter has definitely taught me to occasionally shut the fuck up and listen to other people before dumping my opinion on them. I don't know everything about everything, I don't have to know everything about everything. I certainly don't need to be telling people about their own experiences. [view]
posted by dinty_moore to MetaTalk on Apr 25 at 6:54 AM
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