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January 25

🙈 🙉 🙊💩

🐘💦 [more inside]

Perhaps a deletion was not the best solution in this case.

The deletion of this question troubles me. [more inside]

January 23

Can we talk about the dumb show I like?

I am interested in writing about a show on FanFare. Now what? [more inside]

January 22

We Can Do Better Than Bad Science Journalism By A Weasel

There are lots of articles like this one posted to Metafilter where journalists try to aggregate scientific research and end up screwing up the conclusions. But this one is by Johann Hari, who is a deeply malicious falsifier. He's the British Jayson Blair or Stephen Glass. Normally I think we should evaluate articles without regard to their author, and indeed this article is being ably dismantled in the thread. But here we have a very smart person who has often bent his intelligence to unethical and self-serving ends. What's more, he's now doing the "overblown science reporting" thing that is harder to catch because we want it to be true. Let's stick with the actual neuroscientists on this topic, like Carl Hart.

January 15

Threadshitting and Intolerance

I really enjoyed the link in this post and was looking forward to the discussion of comics, their depictions of women, choices that are kid-friendly, etc. I did not feel like this post was framed in an inflammatory way or that it was posted as outrage filter. [more inside]

January 14

Almost-paywalls, not quite subscription only.

This is just to say that I was disappointed I couldn't access the article linked in this FPP, and the link was essentially the entire FPP. [more inside]

January 12

Why was this dumb comment deleted?

I know there isn't a policy for deleting dumb comments. They happen all the time, and not even a modagement team of 400 would be able to eradicate them. And there's a "general" policy for not deleting comments that are referenced, or are responded to despite how offensive, stupid, dumb, etc they may be. [more inside]

December 30, 2014

We're grownups, right?

restless_nomad, stop censoring the discussion about the effect of suicide on those left behind. That discussion is more important than a bunch of dots left in honor of someone who, being dead, will never see the thread.

December 23, 2014

Neckbeard, is this a word we need?

Neckbeard: (n) Derogatory term for slovenly nerdy people who have no sense of hygene or grooming. Often related to hobbies such as card gaming, video gaming, anime, et. al. [more inside]

December 20, 2014

Protocol and Decorum

So what, if anything is the protocol for calling out advice on AskMe that is destructive, inappropriate, incorrect, or just plain bad? [more inside]

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