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February 20

Too Much False Rape?

Lately, I feel like there have been a lot of FPPs concerning false rape and related topics in the past few weeks. In addition to the one today , we had one on Emma Sulkowicz recently centered around an article arguing for the innocence of her rapist, one on a highly dramatic "false rape" trial in Toronto as well as a similar situation in Stanford, and one on an article arguing against more proactive approaches to campus rape. [more inside]

February 17

Being kind about framing

Sometimes bad framing can make a discussion instantly go pear shaped. I would ask other users to pause and try to give links at least a cursory read-through before responding to solely what is written on the front page. Especially when your response is overridingly negative. Even a post with bad framing can have content that will generate quality discussion. [more inside]

February 13

Is this a queue?

noun 1. BRITISH a line or sequence of people or vehicles awaiting their turn to be attended to or to proceed. [more inside]

February 8

Open For Business

I just realized that MeFi project threads never close. Is that intentional? Why aren't other threads like that?

February 6

What are Meta's Values?

On its face, this site appears to be an instantiation of some of the best promises the internet has for humanity. For example: an open forum for collaboration, exchange of ideas and information, expression of unfettered art, science, and journalism. Central and vital to all of these things is freedom of speech. Anathema to these ideals is the way this site seems to be run, with censorship being a very common occurrence, I have noticed. [more inside]

Our long chatfilter nightmare is over

I was really surprised this question did not get deleted for being chatfilter. [more inside]

January 30

How you know you're living in a Mallory Ortberg Toast article

when there are three links to her stuff on the front page [more inside]

January 25

🙈 🙉 🙊💩

🐘💦 [more inside]

Perhaps a deletion was not the best solution in this case.

The deletion of this question troubles me. [more inside]

January 23

Can we talk about the dumb show I like?

I am interested in writing about a show on FanFare. Now what? [more inside]

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