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I finally broke down and bought a Switch. It looks like the last round of friend code swapping was in 2014 for the WiiU and 3DS / 2DS. So, whaddya say? Let's swap friend codes!

There are some games that can be played multiplayer online against friends which is great, and I also wanna see what everyone's playing! It's a great way to get game recommendations from a community in whose taste I trust.

I'll start: SW-7022-5039-5336
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I'll be honest, I tend to mostly play solo and you'll likely find me playing Binding of Isaac, but the more the merrier. Splatoon 2 and Super Smash Bros. are both games I'd love to play with friends. Cheers.
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Bought it for Zelda, but enjoy playing other games. I am terrible at Smash Brothers but it's fun. Been playing a lot of PS4 lately.
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I haven't played the new Smash yet (tho I did play the hell outta the gamecube version back in the day) and have been curious. Good to hear it's fun! That's a game I'd def. play with MeFites.
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Smash Bros. Ultimate is definitely one of the better games to play with friends whether its online or via co-op. But co-op is better. It just feels better to be in person with your friends and scream and laugh and cry and tease as you watch them die at the ends of your mighty Kong.
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Woohoo! I've got Mario Kart 8, Smash (which I too am bad at), and just picked up Wargroove - kind of a neat turn based fantasy game.

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Do you need Nintendo Online for this? I understand that this is a noob question, but for some context, I just got a Switch and it's the newest console I've owned since the Dreamcast.
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Also, I've been enjoying the hell out of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2 as far as multiplayer-enabled games goes.
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I'm a total noob too, the last consoles I've purchased were the SNES Classic and the NES classic. I do think you need Nintendo Online to play multiplayer online stuff. I picked up a subscription the day I bought the switch - it's like 20 bucks for a year or something, not bad.
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Well hey, I'm at SW-1754-7557-4300 under the name "GRAG." Feel free to add me, even though it's sort of a nuisance nightmare to try to play any game together online! (Heck, one reason I'm pumped for Fantasy Strike coming out on consoles is because that is a game designed by people who actually get online play.)

I've got… basically all the big names. Mario Kart, ARMS, Broth Smashers, Splatoon, Puyo Puyo Tetris, etc.
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All y’all done got friend requested yessiree
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SW-8417-9796-8287 is mine. I mainly play Civ6 and my kids play Mario and Pokemon but I can see myself playing a lot of Tetris99 in the near future.
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SW-4306-2476-1029 and I think I'm listed as Mikey. Like Fizz I'm more a solo player but I dabble in Splatoon, Mariokart, Tetris, Super Smash Bros... My son enjoys playing Splatoon on my account so if I'm doing chores he'd be happy to team up.
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I'm SW-3568-9761-1985 - I don't play much these days though
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Can anyone pitch me Splatoon? I don't get it.
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Splatoon has two modes - one is a typical solo explore, solve puzzles, defeat boss, repeat mode.

Where it shines (for me) is multiplayer. Teams of four have to cover the most territory of various maps in ink. There are a variety of creative weapons. If you are "splatted" (killed) you re-spawn back at your end of the map. There are also other battle modes with different goals that rotate throughout the day. There is ALSO a cooperative mode where you work with a team on various different maps altogether.

The whole vibe is lots of fun and the attention to detail and style is impressive. I have been playing this game almost continuously since the pre-Switch version came out and never really tire of it (it's also a good outlet to get rid of any frustration from the day!)
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Splatoon is the Nintendo version of Call of Duty, Halo, or any of those other multiplayer first person shooters. So instead of shooting people with bullets or lasers or bludgeoning them with axes you shoot them with paint guns or attack them with paint rollers. The goal isn't to kill the other team but rather to paint the map in your team's colours using your paint guns, rollers and other devices but killing them can be helpful as it will force them to respawn at their starting point.
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It's kind of awesome.
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No Switch yet... kind of holding out and hoping for an Animal Crossing console. But my limited gaming time has all been going into my No Man’s Sky sessions (mostly Steam, but also PS4. Because something about it just warms my grindy little heart.
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Yeah Splatoon is a bright and friendly spot in the otherwise grim and grimacing field of shooters. It feels less like CALL OF MANLY WARFIGHT and more like a pickup game of a sport that couldn’t exist in real life. The number of times you take out opponents is kind of immaterial, usually, and in fact is only presented on the results screen as a tiny aside.

Boy, it’s fun.
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How would we organise matches? I don't remember being able to invite someone when you're online.
5989 three nine five oh 0098.

The genius of Splatoon to me is that they cherry picked a bunch of nice features from team shooters (dashing, stealth camouflage, spawning on team mates, point control, active reloading etc.) and distilled all of it including the actual shooting part into basically a single central interaction. It makes getting into higher level playing much more doable, because you get to skip past having to learn and think about a dozen different complicated mechanisms.
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Thanks for the splatoon info - it’s been since TF2 that I’ve really gotten into the format. Maybe abstracting out the violence is exactly what I need.
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Yeah, part of why the Switch is the first new console I’ve owned in literally decades (aside from its refusal to try to be another “media hub” and its portability) is that it has such a good roster of games that aren’t all about grim “adult” shit and instead favor colors, and whimsy, and fun! I initially thought it was ironic that I’ve ended up prioritizing that more the older I get, but I don’t really think it is. Like a lot of the Switch games I’ve been enjoying, Splatoon combines that with legitimately engaging mechanics like the ink color as speed multiplier/divider and the squid-form recharge dynamic, and it’s just nice to play something with compelling gameplay that doesn’t have literal murder as a background fact.
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Ah! Here's mine: SW-4103-7970-5038
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Invitapriore: I feel the exact same way re: the older I get, the less interested I am becoming in grimdark realism. The Switch is a ray of sunshine. Even Hollow Knight makes me smile. =)

Also oh snap, JHarris! Woop woop!

I picked up Smash, DK Freeze, and Odyssey over the weekend. Though BotW will still be my main focus for a while...I may snag Splatoon soon as well.
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More of a solo thing, but any Futness Boxing nerds here?
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I friended everyone and my code is SW-0481-1023-3062

Mostly Splatoon, but I have MarioKart and will probably download the new Tetris thing at some point.

Another fun thing you can do is capture videos of gameplay, and I have a dedicated Twitter account for my Splatoon best/worst moments.
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SW-6793-9461-9892, but at the moment I'm traveling with my PS Vita (finally playing AC3: Liberation! And also the latest Persona rhythm games.) instead of my Switch, so it'll be a bit before I have a chance to friend y'all.

Um. Try not to judge my predilection for terrible machine-translated visual novels, I guess? I figure this is prep for when Animal Crossing finally comes out for Switch, so we'll all be ready to share fruits.
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Do people generally hang out in the mefight club irc channel? Salmon Run is great when you get a full team together, but it's hard to get a full team together without near realtime chat.
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I am kind of amazed by how many hours some of you have put into Smash already. It's helping me rationalize my Civ addiction as being not that bad.
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Part of it, in my case, is my completionist impulse working to finish the Spirit List (I have all 1,303!), part of it is me logging into the game a couple times a day to start new expeditions.
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I get the completionist thing. My kids and I finished Mario Odyssey a while ago but they're still playing, trying to get all of the power moons.
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Aaaah good luck with THAT, I still don't have almost half of them.
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It'll be interesting to see how many they find. It's mostly my son who plays, he's only four and a half but is able to find a couple of moons each weekend. We're in the 300s right now.
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I am holding off getting a Switch for myself (as opposed to borrowing for work reasons) until Animal Crossing comes out. Then, I'm resigned to losing a significant chunk of the next year (in gleeful bliss) and will happily say hello to MeFites within the world.
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