February 2

Sharing and Over-sharing

We've had a couple of threads about Lastpass: the news of the breach and an ask for alternatives. It's pushed my buttons as being across the line into "don't show your dirty laundry in public."

I get that we build community by sharing info about ourselves, it's why I like a MetaTalkTail Hour and the Free Threads. Recommending a password manager by dint of your personal experience also serves to tell the world how you secure your online activity. [more inside]

Wonderful meta comment riffing on Bradbury’s automated house?

It’s a wonderful take on Bradbury’s There Will Come Soft Rains, in a post about automating AskMe question posting. It’s so good and I cannot find it on google site search or on the site itself. Thank you!

February 1

Editorialising on the blue?

I was under the impression that too much personal input or editorialising is discouraged when making metafilter posts, posts are supposed to be fairly neutral. But I don't actually see this in any of the guidelines. Did I imagine this? [more inside]

January 30

Let's talk about mod deletion policy

I would very much like for the community to get a chance to opine regarding when and if mods should delete comments on Metatalk. [more inside]

January 28

Comment about media glorifying war?

I remember reading a comment many years ago (or an amalgam of several comments?) chiding "war is hell" type media as glorifying war anyway, and explaining that real war was mostly boring with short periods of terror. I think the user posting this might have witnessed and/or participated in the Yugoslav Wars? Or maybe that was a different user? Anyone have the comment favorited? I thought I did, but I can't find it in my bookmarks.

Metatalktail Hour: Dear me ...

Hello, friends, and happy weekend! Today turned out to be kind of nippy and / or rainy. In a rush to leave the house, you accidentally grabbed an old coat or jacket ... one you haven't worn for at least five years, maybe longer. Putting your hand in the pocket you find a scrap of paper with a note — a note to yourself that you wrote, but no longer remember writing. What does the note say? [more inside]

January 27

Talking with ChatGPT about Metafilter

While experimenting with ChatGPT, I decided to ask it questions about Metafilter. It was mildly interesting, occasionally amusing, but mostly a bit dry with its verbose responses as a machine. Text of 'conversation' posted in this here Google doc.

January 26

eotvos has passed away

Passing on some sad news: long-time site member eotvos died earlier today after suffering a critical brain injury this weekend. He's survived by his wife, who knew his MeFi handle and may see this post; my condolences to you, and to everyone in the MetaFilter community who knew him either as a friend or as a familiar voice on the site. [more inside]

January 23

🎉Fundraising Wrap-Up: You've put MetaFilter on the road to Revival!

A few months ago we came to you with information we had just learned about the dire financial state of MetaFilter. The site was losing money every month and the cash reserves keeping it afloat had run dry. The situation was grim. But MeFites, you stepped up in a big, big way: recurring contributions have gone up by $9,863.10 and we have received $78,857.91 in one-time contributions (both figures are net). This means that according to our targets MetaFilter has more than enough budget to Survive, and is within striking distance of Revive! There are more details inside about the specifics of the fundraiser and how the funds will be used, so please keep reading… [more inside]

January 21

Recommendation for a sleep dress?

I seem to remember a comment in the last few months on AskMe for a sleep dress on Amazon that was long enough not to ride up and/or cool (temperature-wise) to sleep in. I'm not finding it on searches on AskMe or on Amazon. Help?

Metatalktail Hour: Saturday & Sundae

Happy weekend, friends! Now that we are allowed to do it legally, let's all scream about ice cream! For today's metatalktail chat, I'd like to know your thoughts on the cold sweet stuff. What's your favorite flavor, brand, dessert, concoction? Do you have a sweet ice cream memory or experience to share? What goes on your Sundae? Are you an ice cream maximalist or an ice cream minimalist? Do you ever whip your own concupiscent curds? [more inside]

Reader View works differently on different subsites

The discussion in this Meta about reader-friendly Mefi pages had a side discussion about reader view and how it's not very consistent across sites. I suspect that Matter (an iOS read-it-later app) uses reader view and I've noticed a discrepancy: posts from Mefi Blue are saved with both the post and the comments, but posts from AskMefi only have the original question, no comments. I haven't tried it on other subsites yet, nor do I know how this works with other read-it-later apps, so if others can chime it that'd be great!

January 16

On a MetaFilter that can be actually read when sending links to friends

I have a friend who teaches autistic children. I want to send her Zumbador's post on autism that can easily read. On a phone. Which is not the case when it comes up with yellow text on a dark blue background to an outsider. This raises all sorts of questions for me. Let me list them [more within] in an off the top of my head order. [more inside]

January 14

Metatalktail Hour: Can I eat this ... word?

Happy Weekend, friends! For today's metatalktail party, I'd like to ask about your experience of synesthesia, if any. Obviously all of us are not synesthetes, but I think most of us have distinct sensory reactions to at least some words, for example. Do you hear, taste, smell, see, or feel certain words? Tell us about it! [more inside]

January 13


what are you listening to? open music thread. share what you're listening to. feel free to link to a youtubes, spotify, or soundcloud, just share some tunes with the rest of us, sending good vibes to you all

January 9

A pony which is really a Mastodon

Long-time lurker and mostly ghost, former member of the NYC Meetup crew here. I'm cleaning up some of my social media profiles as I continue to transition away from Twitter as my "daily driver," and I am super glad that Mastodon is now an option when it comes to linking one's social media profiles. Would it be possible to have a "show widget" check-box next to where one would input their Mastodon URL so that it could be seen at the bottom of the page? Exactly what would be required before that can be built into the system for profiles?

January 8

190: New Year, New Me... Fi

Back on track this year. We resolve to get these out on time. More or less. Maybe. Cortex and I talked on January 3rd about our usual nonsense for a tight 87 minutes. Thanks for listening. [more inside]

January 7

Metatalktail Hour: Easy as 123?

Happy weekend, everyone, and happy 2023! For today's metatalktail topic, I was thinking that as a system of characters representing phonemes, I believe we can all agree that the Alphabet has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more ... so maybe we can do an alphabet checklist for Metafilter? I think we have "M" safely covered, and "A" is surely for "Ask Me," but what about "B"? Best Of? Brand New Day? "C"? ... [more inside]

Old comment about soda taste?

Does anyone remember an old comment about the taste of soda, and how if you had a discerning palate you could taste the difference between sodas that were made in different regions because the local water there would impart a unique flavor, and then the comment ended with an admission that, no, actually, everything the comment had just been claiming was sheer nonsense? Been looking to screenshot that.

January 2

6th Annual Mefi Valentine Mail Exchange

Happy New Year everyone!! This year, I’m organizing the Valentine card swap with the guidance of our awesome, talented the primroses were over and mochapickle. This is a casual valentine card exchange and there is no pressure. [more inside]

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