January 15

Metatalktail Hour: What is this, some kind of joke?

100% stealing this from @dorkusmalorkus_ on Twitter, who asked what personal little 'jokes' do you have?: please bring out your timeworn silly jokes or sayings that you repeatedly indulge in with friends, family, pets, workmates, or just to entertain yourself — the older and goofier, the better. (Refrain: That's what she said.) [more inside]

January 14

How long is too long? - comments edition

Long comments can be difficult for some users to read, navigate, manage. At what point does a comment get to be unwieldy for those reading it? [more inside]

A Modest Proposal

for preventing the Bankruptcy of Metafilter from becoming a burthen to its Users and Moderators, and for making Spicy Comments beneficial to the Internet Publick. We should sell NFTs. [more inside]

January 11

Our favorite under-loved comments of 2021

Remember that comment you cackled over, and then discovered was criminally underappreciated by others? Share your amazing discovery, and let us cover it in more favorites! [more inside]

January 10

Best AskMe's of 2021

Phil Gyford (you remember Phil, don't you?) posts his 49 favourite Ask Metafilter questions of 2021. Did he miss any of your faves?

January 9

Metatalktail Hour: Hot beverage, anyone?

• You're upset and need soothing with a hot beverage; what hot beverage should we offer you? [more inside]

January 6

MeFi Community Mission Statement

There's been some good discussion lately about being a decent human being on the site and a spate of good posts, and it's got me thinking about whether we could (or should) come up with a kind of mission statement as a community. [more inside]

180: Is Sunset A Local Phenomenon?

I checked in with management and apparently we have to do a 2022 now even though we just finished wiht 2021. Jessamyn and I do our best to roll into the new year and talk about MetaFilter stuff and get in a philosophical discussion of the nature of the literal horizon qua solar objects. Runs about 90 minutes. [more inside]

January 3

5th Annual Mefi Valentine Mail Exchange

Come and get your love! (love = platonic valentines cards) [more inside]

Free thread... in the Blue!?

WTH have you done, cortex? This is clearly a post for the gray. If I was a mod, I'd delete it, with a note to that effect.

See All Books

This is the most minor problem. Fanfare has five categories in the sidebar on the right: TV, Movies, Podcasts, Books, and Special Events. The first three (TV, Movies, and Podcasts) link to the Archives page, naming their links respectively "See All TV Shows," "See All Movies," and "See All Podcasts." Although that very same Archives page has an equivalent list for Books, however, there is no "See All Books" link. Is this intentional?

January 1

Anxiety and COVID19 Doomsaying

A respectful request for those expressing "we're all gonna die" sentiments in COVID threads – please remember that fear is contagious; that a not-insignificant number of Mefites deal with issues of anxiety, fear and trauma, pre-existing or newly arrived; and that others have already experienced illness and deaths. Please consider practicing self-care (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and whether the sentiment serves a useful purpose aside from venting.

December 31

The End of 2021/Beginning of 2022

What's something old you're leaving behind, and something new you're taking with you? General chat thread for ruminating on the year past and the year to come.

December 27

It can be terrifying to make a Front Page post. Please be kind.

I have noticed something lately, certainly not a new thing, but maybe it's time for a reminder: Someone makes a post on the blue about a thing, probably because they think that thing is pretty good and worth sharing, and the comments are all along the lines of "this thing sucks." Remember: It's ok to move on without commenting. [more inside]

December 26

What purpose do AskMe categories serve today?

Every time I post an AskMe, as I am pondering which category I should post it in, I wonder... Does anyone use these categories? Are they helping discovery or search in some way? Am I missing something by not using them? [more inside]

Line breaks within list items don't work as expected

Pony request: better handling of HTML lists (ordered and unordered) in posts and comments. [more inside]

December 23

Newsletter 5: Farewell to 2021

Newsletter 5 is in your inboxes! (subscribe here) You can visit it on the web at the archive link here. [more inside]

December 22

[MeFi Site Update] December 22nd

Hello Metafilter! Thank you for waiting. We decided to postpone last week’s update to this week to avoid having 2 updates so close to the holidays. Please find more details on the state of the site below. Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions. [more inside]

December 21

8th Annual MST Club Christmas Marathon Social Distancing II

Here we go again! It's our eighth year sending out a constant stream of riffing, Christmas specials, video weirdness and strange movies, from midnight the morning on December 23, all through the 24th, and all through Christmas Day, and slightly beyond. This is where it'll all go down. We're here if you need us, or want us, whether to use for fun background, to fill odd moments, to see really really strange things late at night, to escape from family, or to obsessively watch over long periods (as those of us running it tend to do). With Omicron running rampant and many families choosing to distance again this year, we hope to lighten what may be a second sad year apart. More info inside! [more inside]

download/dump of posts (not just comments)?

Is there any way for MeFites to download/export our own posts? I'm pretty sure the Comments download only gets comments, not posts. If this feature doesn't yet exist, could it go on the list of nice-to-have features? [more inside]

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