May 24

Need Baby Formula?

If you need baby formula, i am happy to buy it here in Austria and ship to you. Please send me memail to discuss details.

May 23

A MetaFilter User Survey

The MetaFilter Transition Team (TT) is excited and pleased to announce a MetaFilter User Survey (May, 2022). This is the first major step the TT is taking to help MetaFilter be more sustainable and community-driven. [more inside]

May 21

Holy Smokes, I Can't Believe You Managed That

Honestly, once or twice very much lately (as well as historically over a longer run), Ask Mefi has truly impressed me. So I'm suggesting this thread as a fun collection point for impressive "wow, how the hell did you manage that?!" Ask Mefi moments.

Metatalktail Hour: What The Deuce Is This?! edition

Happy weekend, friends. For this week's MetaTalktail Hour, I'd like to know what the deuce the ghost in the (search) machine is surprising you with today. Earlier I started typing "the" into the address line of Duck Duck Go, and this happened ... [more inside]

May 16

Eurovision Moments

I thought a Eurovision moments might be a fun Metatalktail Hour Idea and suggested it but as the Hour for this week had been posted Taz suggested I just post it anyway. So what are your fun / meaningful / wellthathappened / windmachine / fire / waswatchingandthishappenedatmyparty / mycountrywasrobbed etc. favourite Eurovision moments? [more inside]

May 15

MetaFilter: A Utopia of Rules?

This (quite positive) write up of MetaFilter came into my inbox this morning via the New_ Public newsletter. Featuring some thoughtful quotes from some guy "Millard". Enjoy!

May 14

Still wondering after all these years

What AskMe of yours are you still curious about? What was never resolved? [more inside]

Metatalktail Hour: Chatter Box

You've received a rather deluxe gift of a monthly subscription box, and it turns out it's your *perfect* fantasy subscription box! What's inside? What sort of theme is your delightful subscription? What items might you find inside? Let us dream. [more inside]

May 11

[MeFi Site Update] May 11th

Hi there, Metafilter! Happy Wednesday! You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions. [more inside]

Old post search: Walmart display camera footage from the nineties?

So I believe I saw a post here years ago (10?) about a very interesting time capsule: a VHS recording of customers watching themselves on a display TV in the electronics section of what I believe was a Walmart (or maybe Sam Goody?) in the 90s. I’ve tried but cannot find this post. Ring any bells?

May 8

184: Sentences are music

I didn't edit or write this month's podcast (other than this little bit)! Thanks so much to eotvos for all his work on this; note his note at the end of the podcast about other possible contributions as well! In any case, Jessamyn and I talk about MetaFilter as we are wont to do; it runs the usual 90-ish minutes. [more inside]

May 7

Some of you have new names now

I've installed a language learning extension in my browser called Toucan which changes an assortment of words on whatever page you're looking at into your target learning language -- in my case French -- with the idea that you will learn that vocabulary in the context of your primary language. But what's currently cracking me up is that when I open a page on Metafilter: communauté weblog, it often chooses to translate bits and pieces of peoples usernames. [more inside]

Paperwork & Bodywork: short virtual anti-procrastination calls

Is there paperwork or light exercise you've been putting off? Would mild peer pressure from other MeFites help you get started? Join or start a short call! As a followup to recent FPPs on fitness, on Hybrid Calisthenics, and on accountability and body doubling, I'm setting up several IRL (but actually online) events May 10th-14th. And I'd love copycats. [more inside]

Metatalktail Hour: Mystery Train

Hello, dear friends. For this week's Metatalktail Hour, I'd like to ask you about the personal, tiny, enduring, inscrutable, seemingly insoluble mysteries that have haunted you. What small, unexplained episode from your own experience still leaves you scratching your head? [more inside]

May 5

Chatfilter: Abortion Rights are Under Attack! What do we do? Fight Back!

This post is being prompted by this thread: Abortion rights under imminent threat?. Early on in the thread, some Mefites asked about concrete actions that can be done, to protest this absolutey disasterous decision. It got lost, though, in the discussion over politics and procedures - which is completely valid! It's a great discussion! So, I thought I'd open this space both for venting, and also on discussing the actual logistics of protesting. There are probably a lot of people who are completely new to protesting, and this could be a great space to discuss it, and educate each other. Please, obviously, avoid discussing illegal stuff here! [more inside]

May 1

Do a least 35 mefites play Marvel Puzzle Quest?

About three weeks ago MPQ was mentioned in a thread on the blue. At least 35 members favorited comments referencing the game. I play this game... [more inside]

April 29

Metatalktail Hour: Tabs!

Happy Weekend, MetaFilter! This week, bendy wants to know "How many tabs do you have open in your browser? What are they?" [more inside]

April 28

A Metafilter Discord - Metacraft

A few years a Discord server called Metacraft was created for Mefites to hang out and share their crafting projects. It's recently been expanded to include a few more channels for broader activity. If you're looking for somewhere to chat about crafting and showcase what you're making, post pics of your pets or the view out your window, or just somewhere lowkey to hang out and shoot the sh*t, check out the server :) [more inside]

April 27

[MeFi Site Update] April 27th

Hi there, Metafilter! Please find more details on the state of the site below. Reminder: I will be the only mod actively monitoring this thread so please be patient as I reply to your feedback and questions. [more inside]

April 26

Happy birthday to cortex

Let's all wish a very happy and hopefully stress-free b-day to outgoing veteran mod, inveterate punster, and all-around mensch, MeFi's own cortex "Josh" Millard. [more inside]

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