Thanks from MetaFilter

You were one of the lucky early contributors that figured out how to cobble together a donation via PayPal before we ever considered accepting funds from readers of the site. I thank you all for pushing us in the right direction and getting us to our current numbers of a grand total of 1,103 monthly backers and 629 one-time backers. The support has been enough that we already estimate about 20% of our advertising income is being replaced by direct reader support. We're going to use those funds to continue supporting the site and its staff and making the community the best it can be.

The outpouring of support and funds has blown me away, and once again, I thank you for helping keep the site around.

Are you already a member of MetaFilter?

If you'd like to get a small signifier that you helped fund MetaFilter on your user page, click the following link while logged in to attach it to your account (you can optionally hide this later in preferences):

Stop me if you've heard this before

I know spammers say this a lot, but this is a one-time email sent to early donors to both thank them and let them know about the option to highlight the funding on their user page. We won't send any more email from this list again.