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Midwest tornadoes check-in

Midwest MeFites, please stay safe and check in if you can. [more inside]
posted by Little Dawn on May 28, 2019 - 21 comments

Colorado flood check in thread

After 4-7 inches of rain tonight and more falling, the front range of Colorado is experiencing flash flooding, particularly in burn areas. This thread is to check in and share information. [more inside]
posted by medusa on Sep 12, 2013 - 71 comments

A Grand Junction of Mefites

Grand Junction, Colorado - meetup? [more inside]
posted by backseatpilot on Jul 19, 2010 - 7 comments

They haven't turned the beer off yet, have they?

According to the map, it doesn't seem like there has ever been a meetup in Colorado Springs. Anybody up for one this weekend? [more inside]
posted by Kadin2048 on Feb 5, 2010 - 10 comments

Civil discourse that's actually civil

I nominate the Colorado Springs thread for a sidebar callout. [more inside]
posted by GrammarMoses on Feb 4, 2010 - 27 comments

Northern Colorado Meetup?

I just moved to Colorado! Any interest in a meetup? [more inside]
posted by peachfuzz on Jan 12, 2009 - 59 comments

Saturday November 8 meetup in Denver?

Jessamyn will be in Denver tomorrow and I suggested a meetup. She would prefer something near Marriott Denver Tech Center. Any suggestions for a place?
posted by lukemeister on Nov 7, 2008 - 61 comments

Denver Meetup

Denver Mefi Meetup!

South Denver/DTC area mefi's! I'm in town for the weekend, and have some free time tomorrow (Saturday Feb. 4) evening. Who's available for a meetup? What's a good place to meet? What time works for everybody? What will you be wearing?

Let's discuss! My email's in my profile to finalize details.
posted by Space Kitty on Feb 3, 2006 - 5 comments

Denver Meetup

Hellooooooooooooo Denver want to meet up?
posted by rabidsquirrel on Sep 30, 2005 - 9 comments

Denver Meetup

Denver Pavilions, tonight, 5-9 PM.
posted by m@ on Aug 11, 2005 - 9 comments

Denver Meetup

Things to do in Denver when you're...
posted by m@ on Aug 4, 2005 - 194 comments

Colorado Meetup

Okay folks, I'm in Colorado now.
Aurora to be exact, so who's up for a gathering? Time and date to be discussed until we can all agree to go to Caledonia's on [I think] Parker Road.
posted by kamylyon on Jul 2, 2005 - 30 comments

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