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Antiquated browsers fail CAPCHA

This new login "safeguard" bites. I was having good results reading Metafilter with the lightweight browser Dillo but logging in was impossible because Dillo lacks the capacity to display the coded characters one must enter "to prevent automated submissions". It doesn't work in Lynx either. This "feature" effectively restricts full participation in Metafilter to those who use recent fully-graphical browsers, which is a pain on this 9 year old machine I'm forced to use till my replacement power supply gets here. (It might also impact blind Mefites; anybody know?)

Is there another way to prevent automated submissions? Was there a problem with those that I hadn't noticed or is this new safeguard just one of those "nifty idea" kinds of things?
posted by davy on Dec 5, 2005 - 3 comments

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