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New Server Address

The new server is here for now:
Be a dear and please give it a go today. It's a copy of the entire server, as of this past weekend, and I don't mind if you post drivel there, as I'm just checking to see how it performs. Try out the search engine, change your sorting options, post a dozen comments. The server should be downright zippy at all times, do report back here if you find any snags or slowdowns.
posted by mathowie on Jun 17, 2002 - 116 comments

Is MetaFilter down for everybody else?

Is MetaFilter down for everybody else. I've been getting host not found errors all morning. I know Matt was planning to move his name server box. I'm just wondering if something in that process got hosed. If it is down, is it still available via an IP address -> I couldn't seem to find that either.
posted by willnot on Jan 23, 2002 - 11 comments

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