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Writing a script for linkless posts

So proflinuspauling said in his linkless thread:

Maybe you can all "think out of the box" for a second here and not freak out if there is one stupid comment with no links. I just thought you all would have interesting insights.

The thing is, if there is "one stupid comment with no links" on the front page of metafilter, there will be more. And then you have an open ended discussion space where anyone can say anything they feel like, bounce topics off each other, without having to be weighed down with facts or links or outside information.

So I'm finally going to write the blockage for linkless posts.
posted by mathowie on Oct 31, 2001 - 29 comments

What do people think about "linkless posts."

What do people think about "linkless posts." Are they not really what MetaFilter is about, or do they encourage discussion and subsequently build and enhance the community?
posted by chaz on May 20, 2001 - 19 comments

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