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Why was my post about Medea Benjamin's gaff deleted?

My post about Medea Benjamin's gaff related to North Korea was deleted. I am annoyed. I did post a link to her Code Pinksite. I was not editorializing pro- O'Reilly. I was editorializing that "This is embarassing" to liberals, because when we are given a chance on the main conservative talk shows, we don't do a good job. Medea Benjamin was given a chance and O'Reilly wasn't unfair to her. There have been many anti-O'Reilly posts here and as liberal as I am, I don't think we will succeed by just not watching him, or not taking him on, as so many have suggested.

I thought it was worthy of discussion.
posted by notmtwain on Mar 21, 2006 - 48 comments

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