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Chicago meetup reminder

Reminder to Chicago mefites: meetup tomorrow, 8:30, at Hopleaf's upstairs bar.
posted by kenko on Jan 28, 2005 - 10 comments

Chicago Meetup

MeFiChi Meet-Up: Hopleaf upstairs bar, Jan. 29, 8:30pm. Look for the pancakes.
posted by me3dia on Jan 18, 2005 - 5 comments

Chicago Meetup

All right, broad-shouldered MeFites, mark your calendars: after tabulating the votes, the Chicago meetup will be Saturday, January 29th. [location to be determined inside]
posted by Johnny Assay on Jan 16, 2005 - 16 comments

Chicago Meetup

So what with all the new members around, we should be able to get more than four people together for a Chicago meetup, right?
posted by Johnny Assay on Jan 6, 2005 - 62 comments

Chicago Meetup

Ok, kids. Chicago meetup's on the 15th, at the Hopleaf.
posted by kenko on Aug 5, 2004 - 11 comments

Chicago Meetup

And now, it's time for this month's thrilling installment of Chicago Mefi Meetup Theatre! Previously...
posted by Johnny Assay on Jul 30, 2004 - 19 comments

Chicago meetup

I'm calling for a Chicago meetup. Anyone interested? Anyone want to propose a date and place?
posted by kenko on Jun 16, 2004 - 25 comments

Welcome me to Chicago meetup

so i'm making the great leap from albuquerque to chicago in a month, and i was wondering if any of y'all wanted to party like it was going out of style (more inside, etc)
posted by sugarfish on Jan 2, 2003 - 8 comments

Chicago bowling meetup

MeFiChi2: Rock'n'Bowl (n'beer). Saturday, January 12th, 8pm at Diversey-River Bowl. Chicagoland MeFi kids, other area webloggers, and any visitors around at that time or other curious onlookers are all welcome! (Sorry for the delay in setting up the event; November was a weird month for me.)
posted by jason on Dec 16, 2001 - 10 comments

Milwaukee/Chicago meetup

For those in the Milwaukee and Chicago areas looking for some food and fun tomorrow, a fair number of web-dev types from evolt.org are getting together for the End of Summer Bar-bE-volt 2001 grillout.

There is a good amount of crossover in membership between evolt and mefi, so hopefully this isn't too out there for this forum. Basically, its a get together for web-developer types to hang out, gossip about the industry, and have a good time :) Also, in light of the events of the week, we thought it would be a nice idea to get together with friends to talk about it and try to return to normalcy a bit.
More information can be found here (RSVP in the comments section if you're bringing a dish), and mefi'ers in the area all are encouraged to come!
posted by djc on Sep 12, 2001 - 0 comments

Chicago meetup

OK, for real this time, I've set up Metafilter Chicago I. Come! Eat! Drink! Play pool! Win valuable cash prizes!
posted by dhartung on Aug 23, 2001 - 9 comments

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