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Words of Wisdom

The end of another flabbergasting week is upon us and it's helpful to so many MeFites to think positive thoughts; in fact, for some, it's a discipline. Do you have a personal motto? Do you recite the Serenity Prayer to yourself on the regular? Mutter "Fear is the mind-killer" as you head into a contentious meeting or prepare to dive into cold water? Reassure yourself that "chance goes to the prepared" or that "perfect is the enemy of done?" If so, are you channeling someone who played a big role in your life? If, say, the Golden Rule still functions as your personal operating system, how did you learn it? Let us know, and maybe you'll help a fellow MeFite regain their balance. [more inside]
posted by carmicha on Aug 2, 2019 - 105 comments

Suggestion for a new Metafilter tagline

Dear MeFi members and Matt,
I'm only a newbie but what inspired me to register and join in was the beautiful sentence I got under MetaTalk when I first went there: "we're all in this together".
Your other tagline - "The Plastic.com it's OK to hate" - which is childish and funny, is the perfect complement; if not the nicest compliment.
Together they capture the spirit that captivated me and tens of thousands of others.
However, I dare to suggest another line, brought up by the very frequent use, before members' comments, of the phrase"Maybe it's just me".
It is, of course:
"Not Just You".

This would have the obvious advantage of promoting MeFi's essential character - bringing different, disparate people in - while affirming a certain need to be respectful to others. I.e., make contributions worthy of others' attention.
Don't forget that most people read MeFi without joining(like me until now)and this headline would appreciate their silent participation without coercively suggesting they do something about it.
So what do you all think about "Not just you"?
posted by MiguelCardoso on Sep 17, 2001 - 13 comments

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