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Weird TB ping problem

Ping ping ping! Weird TB ping problem, couldn't find anyone else having the same problem here in MetaTalk. I tried Trackbacking the thread (I linked to it in my post, and MT (yes, version 2.51) automatically found the TB URL) instead of cut and pasting the URL in the "URLs to Ping" post area, or using the MT bookmarklet.

Found a typo, deleted the MeFi TB URL in the "URLs to Ping" area when I re-saved, and it repinged Metafilter. Also strange: when I click on Previously Sent Pings in MT on the entry, it doesn't list that any were successfully sent. Haven't had this problem Trackbacking any other blogs, because when I send a ping to other sites, it appears to get sent "successfully," and no longer appears in the "URLs to Ping" area, it moves to the 'Previously Sent Pings" locale. Anyone else? I think the shuttle thread had this problem, too.
posted by gramcracker on Feb 11, 2003 - 11 comments

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