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Why was my answer deleted?

So my answer to this question was deleted. While slightly snarky, it was a legitimate answer to the question, and not terribly offensive.

I was suggesting divine/subconscious intervention at work. Is that not allowed?

What gives?
posted by gregariousrecluse on Jul 11, 2006 - 21 comments

How do I make a good Metafilter post?

Dear Metafilter:
I would like to know EXACTLY what constitutes a good post. I am a long term reader, shorter-term member (coming up on a year) and just about every topic I've posted or proposed, every comment that I've made, whatever, has somehow not fit the "Metafilter" guidelines. Well, I've read the guidelines. I've read what I think good posts are and I am trying to emulate them. And yet every single time I post ANYTHING it is criticized for being too (fill in the blank).

My conclusion: this is a club. Club members posting whatever they want are OK. Nonclub members posting are (a) ripped to shreds for the WAY (not the content) they post; when they try to improve item (a) they are told that (b) the CONTENT is not appropriate.

However, if I found some stupid game where I can make George W. Bush flash Osama Bin Laden, well, THAT's worthwhile because THAT's most certainly "the best of the web".

Yes, I'm mad. The last straw has been laid on the camel's back and my ability to say "oh well" and "maybe next time" and "laugh it off" has now evaporated.

However, I guess it hasn't been completely smushed to oblivion because I am here, having once again read everything I'm supposed to, carefully followed suggestions given to me, tried to find something interesting that many don't often give thought to (and that I've been thinking about a lot lately), and am told that (SURPRISE!) my post was wrong in some way.

I should think I'm past the hazing period. However, it seems that the club is impenatrable. So let's lay it out here: WHAT IS A GOOD POST?

Please don't tell me to "take it personally." At this point, I AM FRICKIN' TAKING IT PERSONALLY.

(and thank you to other posters who have gone on to discuss my recent FPP in the vein in which it was meant.)
posted by MiHail on Nov 19, 2005 - 96 comments

Same sex marriage, 2002

OK, I'm going to call troll on this. It's a continuation from another thread, so it's unnecessary. It's trollish because the poster is using the post not to point out something interesting or debate-worthy on the Web, but to further an agenda. Also, the poster uses arguments such as "wank off wanker".
posted by Summer on Aug 22, 2002 - 55 comments

Are there bigots among us?

I really hesitated about bringing this up because I seem to have remembered it being discussed before. How can meaningful discussion derive from this? Let me say up front that for me at least it's not a political thing, it could have been Gore or Nader and I still would have brought this up. (more inside)
posted by geoff. on Jan 8, 2002 - 46 comments

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