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Writing to find a post about writing

Or it could have been a comment, about writing or planning a book. It went something like this. (I think it was askme, but I'm not sure). 1. Event 2. Climax 3. Ending And then 1a. Lead up to event. 1b. actual event. 1c. results of event. 2a. Lead up to climax 2b. Almost climax 2c. Climax! Showing a hierarchical method of laying out a story, so that the paragraphs practically write themselves. Thank you.
posted by b33j on May 1, 2013 - 30 comments

Do you have a question?

How about a link to How to Ask Questions on the new question page?
posted by blue_beetle on Oct 16, 2008 - 38 comments


Big, sloppy thank-you to MetaFilter! [more inside]
posted by mothershock on Oct 29, 2007 - 40 comments

Spend more time phrasing your question so AskMe is awesome

The format of Ask Metafilter questions is still something that bothers me a little. To my mind, this is the ideal question style. It takes up five lines, but all the necessary information is expressed briefly on the front page. Next best thing: a post can't be compressed into a reasonable length, but judicious use of [More inside] whilst still giving enough information on the fornt page gives people an indication of how much help they can likely offer. This is ridiculous, however. Five lines occupied on the front page, of which only one word is of any use. The [More inside] then takes us to a statement of the question in - quess what? - only three lines. I think people should spend a little more time posing their queries so as to make the Ask.me front page as useful as possible.
posted by nthdegx on Aug 26, 2004 - 55 comments

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