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October 1

Best way to ask MeFi for help with a project?

I'm not sure what if any is the best way to put out a general call for help with a project on MeFi. (Not to announce a completed project like in the Projects subsite, but to ask for help with one.) Has there ever been any thought/discussion given to the idea of creating a new subsite where MeFites can request help with things like art or writing projects from other MeFites? It could even be broader than that--call it "Hope Me, MeFi!" or something--and just make it a place where community members can seek out other members for help with whatever they might be doing.

September 25

Testing Saved Post Drafts

Last week we discussed saving drafts of posts in case of browser crashes. Today we're testing this out on MetaFilter. [more inside]

September 23

Most/Least Active Tab?

We have a tab to sort Popular Posts, based on favorites. I would find use in a Most & Least Active tab (each side of that for different reasons), based on number of comments.

September 18

Color of Visited Links

I might be the only one, but I find it weird when I'm scrolling through the front pages of sites, and if I've visited a profile or visited an area of the site (for instance here on MetaTalk "Metafilter-Related") that it's a different color. [more inside]

September 15

Draft Mode Request

I know this has been brought up many times in the past, but I would like to again request a draft mode for new posts. [more inside]

August 17

Time for some thrilling heroics

Would it be possible to auto-add new Fanfare posts for specific shows to our "Recent Activity" page? [more inside]

August 14

Would like to post Music posts (songs) to the front page

I would love the ability to post extraordinary metafilter music to the front page in the same way that we can post projects to the front page! What do people think? [more inside]

August 11

Spotify playlist sharing as a potential feature of Mefi Music

This recent AskMe, the sad demise of This Is My Jam, and some recent music posts on the Blue have got me thinking. How feasible is it to set up some kind of venue for members to share music playlists independent of the Mefi Swap? I'm thinking Spotify playlists in particular, and wondering if there's any scope for adding this as an additional feature to Mefi Music. [more inside]

August 10

(re)request: delete IRL

I have a proposed IRL event that never happened & I'd like an easier way to delete it than contacting the mods. This has been discussed before & I like the suggestion from that thread to add a "never happened" category, which was never implemented. Is this possible/desirable?

August 5

Anonymous responses

A couple of times on the blue recently, I have wanted to respond anonymously to an FPP, but the trouble involved in asking a mod to do so in my stead seemed off-putting to me. [more inside]

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