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March 1


Is there a way to see the tags on a post when using the mobile platform? If not, can this be added? Thanks awesome people!

February 28

Should searching a sub-site make all search boxes go to the subsite?

Here's how I inevitably search Ask Metafilter:
  1. Click on "AskMeFi".
  2. Type a search in the search box.
  3. Realize I want to search for something else.
  4. Type a search in the top right (original) search box.
  5. Realize I've searched MetaFilter because I used the wrong box.
[more inside]

February 27

pdfs, the silent killer...

Small feature request: can we have pdfs mark themselves as such automatically? [more inside]

February 24

New HTML Buttons in the Modern Theme

This is no longer a test. We just added new bold, italic, and link buttons to comment forms in the modern theme. [more inside]

February 20

Testing New HTML Buttons in the Modern Theme

Since we launched the modern theme, we've heard many times that the HTML bold, italic, and link buttons below comment forms don't seem to fit the new design. We're testing out some new buttons in this thread. [more inside]

February 14

Discoverability of My Fanfare

I was pumped at the not so recent announcement that there would be a "my Fanfare" way to follow discussions on Fanfare, but I totally failed to find it and only just now did. I suspect this is a usability problem that could be fixed. [more inside]

February 13

Curated Metafilter Store?

So currently: 1. any Amazon links posted onsite get a Metafilter affiliate url added to them. 2. We have the Metafilter mall of stuff made by us. 3. We have the Metafilter shirt store over at TopatoCo. 4. There are offsite collections of 'most popular' books on AskMe.

None of these are particularly obvious to find on (or off) the site. Why not have a real grown-up 'store' which could house all of the above, as well as a lightly curated collection of 'most popular' recommendations for stuff on AskMetafilter? This would aggregate the suggestions to make them more useful and browsable to members.

February 12

Random questions within AskMe categories

From what I can tell, the last improvement to the Random option was allowing users to search for random posts within their favorites. I have always dreamed of having the option to pull up random AskMe questions within a specific category archive. (When I want to get my human relations fix on, I don't feel like wading through computer questions from 10 years ago.) Is this something that would be easy enough to implement? Is anyone else interested in this?

February 10

Podcast Posts: Now Open Forever

Our recent discussion of thread closing got us thinking: why do Podcast threads close on the same schedule as other MetaTalk threads? We changed that today. Podcast threads in MetaTalk are now open to comments forever. Here's a handy list of those threads.

February 9

Can we add more options for the Contacts' relationship categories?

I find the options in the Contacts form for relationships somewhat limiting. I know this is trivial but I can't help thinking it could be awesomer. [more inside]

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