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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. October 2 through October 7.
posted by wobh to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:50 PM (18 comments total)

I think you've been a bit too terse here wobh.
posted by Mitheral at 7:51 PM on September 30, 2005

yes, pls elaborate
posted by seawallrunner at 8:33 PM on September 30, 2005

I'd be into it... Let me know more info.
posted by vernondalhart at 8:50 PM on September 30, 2005

I'm in Van - what/when?
posted by Jon Mitchell at 11:08 PM on September 30, 2005

Vancouver the rest of the year, too.
posted by chasing at 1:12 AM on October 1, 2005

Longest meetup ever?
posted by agropyron at 7:47 AM on October 1, 2005

Sorry, those dates are just when I'm there and probably available for meetup like activities, should there be others interested. Anyone? Anyone?
posted by wobh at 9:19 AM on October 1, 2005

I just looked it up and we're going to be right downtown.
posted by wobh at 9:35 AM on October 1, 2005

Looked it up where? Can anyone please elaborate on specifics?
posted by vernondalhart at 10:50 AM on October 1, 2005

Ahhh! I'll be out of town Oct. 5th to 11th -- please make this before or after!

Some suggestions:

The Fringe on West Broadway
or Cafe Havana on the drive
or Zubee's (downtown)

But I'm up for anywhere.
posted by ori at 11:43 AM on October 1, 2005

Well, time's certainly running short if it's gonna be the 2nd. Will someone make a decision? (not me - I'm too Canadian...)
posted by birdsquared at 12:20 PM on October 1, 2005

OK, how about Monday night?

I suggest 6.30pm at Bojangles on Marinaside in Yaletown. It's licensed, it serves coffee and snacks too, and it's right on the North side of False Creek, nearest cross street is Davie.
posted by seawallrunner at 10:29 PM on October 1, 2005

I'd show up...
posted by vernondalhart at 11:34 PM on October 1, 2005

I'll try and make it too
posted by stray at 1:08 AM on October 2, 2005

I'm in.
posted by ori at 2:52 AM on October 2, 2005

here is the full address and a map too: Cafe Bojangles on Marinaside
posted by seawallrunner at 7:47 AM on October 2, 2005

Do we just wander into the place looking lost, and hope that someone will spot us?
posted by vernondalhart at 9:56 AM on October 2, 2005

Look for a MetaFilterish group of people and chances are you'll spot us right away :)

I can bring a little tentcard with MetaFilter printed on it

It's a small place, with an outdoors seating area, and an indoors area split into two - one has little tables that we can pull together, the other area has big sofas and a coffee table.

We'll grab what's available that evening.
posted by seawallrunner at 10:26 AM on October 2, 2005

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