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Anyone going to be at Iceland Airwaves week after next? Lots of musicians and musical tourists around here; enough blue-tinged folk to make a meetup worth having?
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... and what's protocol on meetups, anyway? ("There is none" being a perfectly reasonable answer, of course.) If I suggest it, I'm assuming it would be in good form to actually go...
posted by lodurr at 10:15 AM on October 5, 2005

No real protocol but you have to take a camera and post later, and there must be shoutouts. Can be helpful if you take something so that other people will recognise who is MeFi and who isn't. You don't have to go if no-one else is. (I'm all for naming and shaming those who commit and don't show, especially if you end up sat around like a spare cock.)
posted by biffa at 10:33 AM on October 5, 2005

Hmm. If I can scrape up another few hundred dollars, I think I'll be there, looks awesome.
posted by cmonkey at 5:10 PM on October 5, 2005

Caveat: a few hundred might not do it. Kind of expensive place to be. I plan to be eating out of the supermarkets and not drinking much to save bucks. Might have an extra festival pass, though... But, yeah, it's probably gonna be awesome.
posted by lodurr at 4:22 AM on October 6, 2005

I'm saving up for next year. Let's do a meetup then.
posted by mds35 at 9:21 AM on October 6, 2005

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