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Tokyo meetup. Let's chat about when/where in this thread.
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So I actually organized a MeFi meetup in Japan in 2003 (it's in da archives) but haven't done so since then. It's obvious from the broadband thread that we have a handful of Tokyo MeFiers.

How about a meetup sometime soon? Nov., say before the bonenkai season heats up. Friday night? Or is Sat. night preferred? Or a weekday night?
posted by gen at 3:05 AM on October 19, 2005

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are the best for me, but I could come probably any evening except Monday.
posted by armage at 3:46 AM on October 19, 2005

I dunno man, if I showed up I'd have people beating me up as proxies for other mefites around the world...
posted by nightchrome at 4:19 AM on October 19, 2005

Well, I'll miss this one by a closer margin than any of the other ones I haven't been to.

Drink some fine Japanese beers in my honor, while I choke down some Korean ones in yours!
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 5:37 AM on October 19, 2005

I'll be in Tokyo on 10/29 and 10/30 (coming from Europe on 10/29, so might fall asleep around 9 or 10pm).
posted by sour cream at 11:15 AM on October 19, 2005

Where's bugbread?
posted by sour cream at 11:18 AM on October 19, 2005

I'm going to be massive busy in November, cramming in work hours in order to free the later part of the month to visit my parents in the US for Thanksgiving...
posted by Bugbread at 12:01 PM on October 19, 2005

Wow. Didnt realize there were many of us at all!

posted by KantoKing at 2:12 PM on October 19, 2005

I'll be in the suburbs of Tokyo (near Tachikawa) from Nov.7 to Nov. 22. If meet-up is in that time frame, I may be able to attend, depending on family obligations.
posted by birdsquared at 6:45 PM on October 19, 2005

I'll only come if it's not all guys.
posted by dydecker at 6:54 PM on October 19, 2005

Can I make a request that those of you who don't have emails in your MeFi profiles either please add them or contact me via my email so I can create a list?

Sour Cream- I think the 29th/30th is a bit too close for us to plan for (imo.) We can shoot for a timeframe where birdsquared can join us, i.e. mid-Nov. 11th or 12th or 18th or 19th?

dydecker (or anyone else), feel free to bring some women...
posted by gen at 9:46 PM on October 19, 2005

I'm in, especially if it's on a weeknight (including Friday), and even if it's not. At least I think so, kinda positively.
posted by Absit Invidia at 10:14 PM on October 19, 2005

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