thanks, everyone, who came by #mefi last night. October 2, 2001 8:44 AM   Subscribe

thanks, everyone, who came by #mefi last night. we had 7 or 8 people on at once, which is a new record i think (!). i'd like to ask anyone who has an opinion: should we meet at a specific night of the week (mondays, for example), or should it be open to whenever you would like to come by? it is possible to agree on a specific time (9pm CST, earlier, later...)? what do you guys think?
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for those not sure what #mefi is or how to join, check out the irchelp website. you need an irc client (such as mIRC for windows or ircle for the macintosh). choose to connect to at port 6667, or type "/server" in the server window's prompt area (port 6667 is the default for almost all clients). after you've connected, simply type "/join #mefi" to get into the channel.
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I did manage to get through yesterday, but it was too late and I ended up asking myself if anybody else was there.

(Other incompetents note: Moz's second suggestion is better).

Inmho, Mondays at 9pm CST seems fine for all time-zones and it does stick in the mind.

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Yeah, it was pretty cool last night, Moz. It put the ass in nasty. =)

I actually think it would be pretty cool if people met there more than once a week at the same time, like weeknights at 9 pm CDT or later (I think I actually made it there at about 11pm and the party was only getting started). It kinda provides a nice forum to discuss stuff without fearing "the rules." Looking forward to the next powwow!
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yah. in fact, i've been coming later at night, and some people have shown up every now and then. so i'll be there, at least. except for when i'm not at my computer, in which case, i will not be there in physical form, but i shall be in spirit.

#mefi : we're more interesting than #mp3warez.
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by the way, i won't be in #mefi till around 10:30.
not to put a damper on the party.
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