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Vegas Meetup. It's been a while since we tried, so I figured it was time to give it another shot. [MI]
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I'm thinking of the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I know that some people may be out of town, but if people have a better suggestion I'm all ears. My best recommendation is the Crown & Anchor, right near the university.

Who's up for it?
posted by mystyk at 10:29 AM on November 15, 2005

I'll be in Vegas 12/14-12/19, too late though, huh?
posted by yodelingisfun at 10:45 AM on November 15, 2005

My attendance will depend on when I receive my next disability check, which is generally three business days before the end of the month.
posted by mischief at 2:06 PM on November 15, 2005

I love Vegas and would enjoy a meetup there. The Sat. after ThanksGiving isn't an ideal time, though, as I tend to spend the entire Thanksgiving weekend with family.
posted by scarabic at 3:55 PM on November 15, 2005

My band is playing at The Bunkhouse that night. If you're not locked into the C&A, and want to come there, I'd love to meet some Vegas Mefites.
posted by krix at 10:46 PM on November 15, 2005

Well poo. I'm here right now. Anyone want to meet somewhere near The Mirage for some drinks and dinner between now and sunday?

Email addy's in my profile.
posted by esch at 3:16 PM on November 17, 2005

If anyone is still checking this, my gig has been cancelled so if there's definite plans, I'll try and make it.
posted by krix at 11:54 AM on November 23, 2005

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