Login works on MeFi and MeTa but not AskMe December 8, 2005 6:53 AM   Subscribe

How can I be logged in to MeFi and MeTa, but not AskMeFi? When I'm reading AskMeFi and I try to login, the login page bumps me to MeFi. Then, when I click on AskMeFi, I'm not logged in. Que pasa?

(I haven't been around much lately, apologies if this has been covered before.)
posted by scratch to Bugs at 6:53 AM (3 comments total)

Me too! Me too! I've brought this up a couple times and got no response. Works fine in IE, it is Firefox 1.5 where I have the exact same problem.
posted by marxchivist at 6:58 AM on December 8, 2005

lemme look into it. It works fine for me on two systems with seven browsers tested.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 7:48 AM on December 8, 2005

If anyone's reading this, I still have the same problem on another terminal. I'm in IE, at work. Could it be a cookie issue, I wonder?
posted by scratch at 10:32 AM on December 22, 2005

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