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Hey, SF, wanna have a MeFi Meetup in January?
posted by caitlinb to MetaFilter Gatherings at 10:26 PM (96 comments total)

Yes please.
posted by tula at 10:49 PM on January 1, 2006

posted by kcm at 11:15 PM on January 1, 2006

I'm not really in SF (down in San Jose) but I'd be up for one if someone tells me how to get there :)
posted by JZig at 1:04 AM on January 2, 2006

If you have one during Macworld Expo, there is a decent possibility I can come.
posted by kindall at 2:55 AM on January 2, 2006

posted by kenko at 8:29 AM on January 2, 2006

I'll be in town from the 22nd - 26th. If you do it then, I'll be there.
posted by grateful at 8:45 AM on January 2, 2006

Yes please! Wednesdays are bad for me, but any other time I'll do my best to show up.
posted by ambrosia at 1:29 PM on January 2, 2006

There's already a Flickr meetup during MacWorld - Jan 12th, 7 PM (usu til about 10 PM), at Cafe Abir - although that's a bus ride (the 21, pick up on Market St and take to Hayes/Divis, then a couple blocks walk) from the Moscone Center. Funny, really, since they'd moved to a place quite close to Moscone, but a few people dislike that place, so they moved back.

I have to admit, I was thinking more like ... my birthday (!), which is the 19th, but I could do the 24th, too.

How does the 24th sound?
posted by caitlinb at 1:46 PM on January 2, 2006

The 24th works for me.
posted by epimorph at 4:34 PM on January 2, 2006

Cool! I don't know anything about SF - this will be my first time there. I'm staying at 55 Parc. Anywhere cool nearby?
posted by grateful at 5:52 PM on January 2, 2006

I'm up.
posted by donpedro at 6:26 PM on January 2, 2006

Uhm... this is scarabic on denpedro's computer. He won't be in the area in Jan. but I will.
posted by donpedro at 6:26 PM on January 2, 2006

Jeez, scarabic, way to get a girl's hopes up.
posted by caitlinb at 6:32 PM on January 2, 2006

1 also
posted by kcm at 6:41 PM on January 2, 2006

See, is this why you should post meetup calls to the right category.

Anyway, I'll figure out some good central location with both food and alcohol, and let's plan on 7ish, Tues, Jan 24th.

Email me (address in profile; click on my name below) if you want to get on the reminder list!
posted by caitlinb at 7:11 PM on January 2, 2006

Aw, man -- I'll be in the Bay Area from the 11th through the 14th!
posted by mothershock at 7:25 PM on January 2, 2006

Do you have a point-and-shoot, Andi? You're welcome at the Flickr meetup!
posted by caitlinb at 8:25 PM on January 2, 2006

24th looks good for me!
posted by jasper411 at 9:25 PM on January 2, 2006

Have fun and enjoy. Take lots of photos for me to get all weepy and nostalgic, missing SF.

BTW this is donpedro speaking this time, not scarabic. He's asleep on my couch, resting up for Wednesday's Mexico City meetup.
posted by donpedro at 11:37 PM on January 2, 2006

How long do meetups usually go? No way will I be able to get out of work early enough to get up to SF at 7 :)
posted by JZig at 12:30 AM on January 3, 2006

They vary. It seems like SF's go later than those in other cities, but there's no real guarantee. Roll does not get called, or anything like that.
posted by caitlinb at 12:59 AM on January 3, 2006

Any more details? Location? 7, 7:30? How big a place do we need ? Anyone like the Irish Bank?, though if it's pouring rain the alley seating might be a bit damp. The sun is out right now...
posted by tula at 10:16 AM on January 4, 2006

I'll figure something out and post again in a few days. For now just save the date (Tues, 24th), 7ish, assume "easy BART/Muni," and watch this space - that is, MetaTalk "gatherings" category.
posted by caitlinb at 10:26 AM on January 4, 2006

Sounds good, thanks for instigating, caitlinb!
posted by Triode at 12:59 PM on January 4, 2006

I'm on for the 24th!
posted by purplefiber at 9:44 PM on January 8, 2006

This will ruin raedyn's chance for a non sequitur after purplefiber's comment. Sorry raedyn.
posted by Cranberry at 9:54 AM on January 20, 2006

This will ruin raedyn's chance for witty repartee after Cranberry's comment. Sorry raedyn.

*spills drink on the part in Witty's toupee*
posted by If I Had An Anus at 1:13 PM on January 20, 2006

Witty wears a toupee? Sorry raedyn.
posted by Nice Donkey at 2:33 PM on January 20, 2006


Old scandals concerning the private life of Lord Byron have been revived with the recent publication of a collection of his letters. One of the big questions seems to be: _Did Byron send Mary Shelley's letter to Mrs. R.B. Hoppner_? Everyone seems greatly excited about it.

Lest future generations be thrown into turmoil over my correspondence after I am gone, I want right now to clear up the mystery which has puzzled literary circles for over thirty years. I need hardly add that I refer to what is known as the "Benchley-Whittier Correspondence."

The big question over which both my biographers and Whittier's might possibly come to blows is this, as I understand it: _Did John Greenleaf Whittier ever receive the letters I wrote to him in the late Fall of_ 1890? _If he did not, who did? And under what circumstances were they

I was a very young man at the time, and Mr. Whittier was, naturally, very old. There had been a meeting of the Save-Our-Song-Birds Club in old Dane Hall (now demolished) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Members had
left their coats and hats in the check-room at the foot of the stairs (now demolished).

In passing out after a rather spirited meeting, during the course of which Mr. Whittier and Dr. Van Blarcom had opposed each other rather violently over the question of Baltimore orioles, the aged poet naturally was the first to be helped into his coat. In the general mix-up (there was considerable good-natured fooling among the members as
they left, relieved as they were from the strain of the meeting) Whittier was given my hat by mistake. When I came to go, there was nothing left for me but a rather seedy gray derby with a black band, containing the initials "J.G.W." As the poet was visiting in Cambridge at the time I took opportunity next day to write the following letter to

Cambridge, Mass.
November 7, 1890.

Dear Mr. Whittier:

I am afraid that in the confusion following the Save-Our-Song-Birds meeting last night, you were given my hat by mistake. I have yours and will gladly exchange it if you will let me know when I may call on you.

May I not add that I am a great admirer of your verse? Have you ever tried any musical comedy lyrics? I think that I could get you in on the ground floor in the show game, as I know a young man who has written several songs which E.E. Rice has said he would like to use in his next comic opera--provided he can get words to go with them.

But we can discuss all this at our meeting, which I hope will be soon, as your hat looks like hell on me.

Yours respectfully,


I am quite sure that this letter was mailed, as I find an entry in my diary of that date which reads:

"Mailed a letter to J.G. Whittier. Cloudy and cooler."

Furthermore, in a death-bed confession, some ten years later, one Mary F. Rourke, a servant employed in the house of Dr. Agassiz, with whom Whittier was bunking at the time, admitted that she herself had taken a letter, bearing my name in the corner of the envelope, to the poet at
his breakfast on the following morning.

But whatever became of it after it fell into his hands, I received no reply. I waited five days, during which time I stayed in the house rather than go out wearing the Whittier gray derby. On the sixth day I wrote him again, as follows:

Cambridge, Mass.
Nov. 14, 1890.

Dear Mr. Whittier:

How about that hat of mine?

Yours respectfully,


I received no answer to this letter either. Concluding that the good gray poet was either too busy or too gosh-darned mean to bother with the thing, I myself adopted an attitude of supercilious unconcern and closed
the correspondence with the following terse message:

Cambridge, Mass.
December 4, 1890.

Dear Mr. Whittier:

It is my earnest wish that the hat of mine which you are keeping will slip down over your eyes some day, interfering with your vision to such an extent that you will walk off the sidewalk into the gutter and receive painful, albeit superficial, injuries.

Your young friend,


Here the matter ended so far as I was concerned, and I trust that biographers in the future will not let any confusion of motives or misunderstanding of dates enter into a clear and unbiased statement of the whole affair. We must not have another Shelley-Byron scandal.
posted by gramschmidt at 6:22 PM on January 20, 2006

Ah, gram, we feared we had lsot you. But now we know why you have not posted recently. You have been reading, and brought us the delightful fruits of your occupation. Did you get as far as:
"We must get the roof fixed," said the man, very quietly. "It lets the sun in."?
posted by Cranberry at 10:30 PM on January 20, 2006

Of course anyone who knows about anagrams realizes lsot = lost. sigh.
posted by Cranberry at 10:31 PM on January 20, 2006

I read "lots".
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 10:36 AM on January 21, 2006

Lost something in translation?
posted by Cranberry at 12:21 PM on January 21, 2006

Hmm. Lots of gramschmidt. You do have a point there gnfti.
posted by Cranberry at 12:22 PM on January 21, 2006

One of my favorite possessions is my 1928 hardback collection of some of Benchley's stuff, titled 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, or David Copperfield. Said title, of course, appears on the cover directly above the words "by Robert Benchley".

This never fails to kill me. I'm smirking wildly just thinking about it.
posted by gramschmidt at 3:20 PM on January 21, 2006

And I must sincerely apologize for my absence. I found myself on a weekend trip to San Francisco and thought that the Coit Tower would look lovely on my balcony, so I helped myself. The authorities, surprisingly, were none too pleased about my actions and, although they agreed that it did look better next to my bicycle and watering can than it did in the city, they nevertheless took away my Internet access until I put it back.

Property law beats aesthetics every time, I suppose.
posted by gramschmidt at 3:30 PM on January 21, 2006

Some people lack not only a sense of aesthetic rightness, but also a sense of humor.
However, since the Coits have reclaimed their tower, perhaps our next migration will be to use the trebuchet to revisit your balcony - next to your watering can and bicycle.

I am sternly reminding myself not to ask what you are growing.
posted by Cranberry at 10:18 PM on January 21, 2006

*slips over border, votes in Canadian election*
posted by Cranberry at 3:24 PM on January 23, 2006

*writes in raedyn's name*
posted by Cranberry at 3:28 PM on January 23, 2006

*writes in the snow*
posted by If I Had An Anus at 9:26 AM on January 24, 2006

*rights the longboat* (It was tilting. Someone was leaning over the side.)
posted by Nice Donkey at 3:39 PM on January 24, 2006

maybe raedyn ODed on pepper?
posted by Cranberry at 4:56 PM on January 24, 2006

This is a weird thing that I didn't see until now, and I have no comment on it at this time. (Well, except for this comment, which should only be understood as a comment on the comment and not as an actual comment. Were it an actual comment it would be much more incisive (biting, even), and would prove beyond the shadow of a longboat oar that I have not actually been separated from birth at all.)
posted by OmieWise at 10:45 AM on January 25, 2006

If it makes you feel any better, the Department of Mental Health banned my siamese twin from ever appearing on TV back in 1975. The Screen Actors Guild renewed the ban in 1992 when it was learned he'd been seeking work under the stage name Burt Sienna.
posted by If I Had An Anus at 11:07 AM on January 25, 2006

what a colorful nom d'├ętage
posted by Cranberry at 2:18 PM on January 25, 2006

Just wanted to let you know, I love you guys. Whenever Meta gets me down, I find the longboat for some entertainment! Always good reading here...
posted by Roger Dodger at 7:58 PM on January 26, 2006

How tres buche of you to say, Roger. Indeed.
posted by If I Had An Anus at 8:22 PM on January 26, 2006

Let's take Roger Dodger with us next time. IIHAA, please keep track of that trebuchet page. We just might return to gramschmidt's balcony and he still has not put in a staircase.
posted by Cranberry at 11:26 PM on January 26, 2006

It's the anniversary of two events that made life a lot easier for writers: on this day in 1880, a patent was issued to Thomas Edison for the electric lamp,* and in 1948, the Wire Recording Corporation of America announced the sale of the first tape recorder, for $149.50.
*Thanks to Mr. Tesla for AC!

It is also the birthday of W.A. Mozart in 1756, Jerome Kern in 1885, Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) in 1832, and Mordecai Richler in 1931.

Birthday filter!
posted by Cranberry at 12:14 AM on January 27, 2006

What I've been doing this past week? Mainly coughing up tiny pieces of lung, enjoying untranslatable, wildly associative fever dreams and being so dizzy as to fall over instantly upon standing up.

Flu-tastic, indeed.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 1:19 AM on January 27, 2006

Oh, and as for Rodge-Dodge: the usual hazing programme? ;)
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 1:23 AM on January 27, 2006

Ooh! Guys! Lookee!
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 3:34 AM on January 27, 2006

Personally, I thought this thread developed quite a bit more weirdly even than the African cow urine / cunnilingus thread.

What do you guys think? *Did* I poop on poster's head too quickly? Does our beloved jessadmin hate the news? It was confusing to me, but then maybe I'm just wrong. Discuss.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 4:34 AM on January 27, 2006

That thread does develop strangely, leads to a weird flameout, another FPP, and, the two of those together: the opportunity to write: "Double!" when jfrancis tries to post his self-link tomorrow.

I like watching the Trebuchet video while reading the cow cunnilingus post myself.
posted by OmieWise at 7:49 AM on January 27, 2006

Is Patrick Crawford a mefite? If not, can we recruit him? I admire his blockheaded persistence tenacity, and he has trebuchet experience.
posted by Cranberry at 11:18 AM on January 27, 2006

gnfti, glad you have recovered. You have a lot of support for criticizing the spy rock post.

"goodnewsfortheinsane said it.
posted by tiamat at 6:15 PM PST on January 26 [!]"

posted by Cranberry at 11:21 AM on January 27, 2006

gnfti, I thought you were pretty constructive in your criticism, that jfrancis reacted waaaaay too thin-skin-ned-ly (HA! A new word!) for a person who posts to the blue (unlike me, who stays in the safe, gray longboat), that jessamyn came to jfrancis's defense mainly because she hadn't heard about the topic of the post before -- NOT because it was a great post, and that you went totally out of your way to be nice by making an FPP that included jfrancis's site. Also, I can't believe it got a whole MeTa thread devoted to it, but I agree with CunningLinguist's comment.

Also, I think it's funny that there was a callout on MeTa that consisted of self-policing the self-police. See here.
posted by Nice Donkey at 5:10 PM on January 27, 2006

posted by gramschmidt at 2:03 AM on January 28, 2006

He's dead, Jim.
posted by Cranberry at 10:06 AM on January 28, 2006

We are approaching another door slam here. This thread will reach 30 days on Monday, January 31.

11037 is already closed; how about another double jump to 11138? It is long, has 49 comments already, but we managed 9622v2, so that should not faze us. Isn't that what the end key is for?

As long as we are making a big jump, why not make a long intercontinental jump and visit goodnewsfortheinsane?

What do you say gnfti? Are you well enough to have company? We are experienced galactic hitchhikers and bring our own towels.
posted by Cranberry at 2:55 PM on January 28, 2006

Be welcomed! Home-made muffins for all!
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 4:36 PM on January 28, 2006

Monday, January 31!? I could have sworn my birthday was on a Tuesday this year.
posted by If I Had An Anus at 7:53 PM on January 28, 2006

Oh, all right. So I have a weird calendar that makes Monday the first day instead of the usual Sunday. No wonder time flew! We'll see if we celebrate your birthday here or in Holland. Perhaps gnfti will put um, one tactful candle into each home-made muffin.
Do we need wooden shoes? Hans Brinker skates? I am afraid most of my tiny knowledge of The Netherlands is literary = not actual.
posted by Cranberry at 9:04 PM on January 28, 2006

posted by gramschmidt at 10:20 AM on January 29, 2006

*puzzle: is gram upset because he lost his knife throwing job in the carnival, or prejudiced against Indians?*
posted by Cranberry at 10:40 PM on January 29, 2006

Hey, gram, you are not upset because we might go to Holland instead of crowding in on your balcny, are you?
posted by Cranberry at 10:42 PM on January 29, 2006

ahem, balcony. Yes, I saw the thread decrying corrections.
posted by Cranberry at 10:46 PM on January 29, 2006

Caption competition!!
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 2:09 PM on January 30, 2006

posted by If I Had An Anus at 2:14 PM on January 30, 2006

gnfti - I get an alert: The url is not valid and cannot be loaded.
Does this mean I lost the caption competition, or that you did?
posted by Cranberry at 2:34 PM on January 30, 2006

IIHAA, that marshal did not help much, Please have him return his official vest to Security.
posted by Cranberry at 2:36 PM on January 30, 2006

Hey! Meta ate my URL. It was this.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 4:23 PM on January 30, 2006

Now we know what to get IIHAA for his birthday tomorrow.
posted by Cranberry at 4:51 PM on January 30, 2006

Caption (for the contest): "Slash and Edgar Winter consider what splitting a piece of cheesecake might do to their diets."

I kid. I kid because I love. Love hair. And cheesecake.
posted by Nice Donkey at 6:24 PM on January 30, 2006

Happy Birthday IIHAA.
Last post?
posted by Cranberry at 1:27 AM on January 31, 2006

Last post?
posted by If I Had An Anus at 6:04 AM on January 31, 2006

Happy Happy IIHAA. You deserve many more!

Last Post!
posted by OmieWise at 6:18 AM on January 31, 2006

Consider this a wishing, IIHAA, of the happy persuasion!
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 6:33 AM on January 31, 2006

Oh, happy day! Oh, happy If I Had An Anus!

Penultimate post!
posted by Nice Donkey at 9:45 AM on January 31, 2006

Ultimate post!
posted by Nice Donkey at 9:46 AM on January 31, 2006

Yes, Omie, that was very clever of you, prostituting me to your friends for travel advice.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 11:02 AM on January 31, 2006

"prostituting" is such a dirty word...and what friends, I'm the one who came knocking. You just looked so pretty (and Dutch!), I couldn't resist.
posted by OmieWise at 12:37 PM on January 31, 2006

This thread isn't closing, is it?
posted by Nice Donkey at 12:48 PM on January 31, 2006

Why would a January 2nd thread close on the 31st anyway? Cranberry did you have a vision of an impending trainwreck?
posted by If I Had An Anus at 1:58 PM on January 31, 2006

This thread is dated January first, at least in the Pacific Time zone where #1 lives. I expected it to close in 30 days. If #1 wants to post "30 days" and mean "one month"even when that month has 31 days, then that is his privilege. If #1 wants to leave it open until sundown, moonrise or tomorrow at dawn or tomorrow at noon, I cannot influence his decision.
I believe he is toying with us.
*burst into tears of frustration*
posted by Cranberry at 2:08 PM on January 31, 2006

*reaches for crumbs of IIHAA's birthday cake from 11138, feels better*
posted by Cranberry at 2:11 PM on January 31, 2006

I like my words dirty as I like my girls, and I was only kidding, Omie. Anytime.

You just looked so pretty (and Dutch!)

Hey, no need to get pleonastic on my Euro ass.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 2:33 PM on January 31, 2006

Maybe this thread will never close!
posted by Cranberry at 10:54 PM on January 31, 2006

There's a The Hague party going on in aisle 48754, kids.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 5:27 AM on February 1, 2006

Those are BYOB right?
posted by If I Had An Anus at 5:31 AM on February 1, 2006

Oh yeah, but the weed is free.
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 5:41 AM on February 1, 2006

Well I just booked my ticket! (Seriously.)
posted by OmieWise at 7:57 AM on February 1, 2006

Dag, man, where's the love? He deleted your shit IIHAA, and then closed that mother!
posted by OmieWise at 8:36 AM on February 1, 2006

It was a fuckin' koan too, man.
posted by If I Had An Anus at 8:43 AM on February 1, 2006

posted by If I Had An Anus at 8:43 AM on February 1, 2006

If I should feel so good, why do I feel so bad?
posted by OmieWise at 12:38 PM on February 1, 2006

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