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Reminder: Tomorrow. Los Angeles meetup. Basix Cafe in West Hollywood. 8:00 PM.
posted by the_bone to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:44 PM (13 comments total)

See you then.
posted by Radio7 at 7:31 AM on April 26, 2006

Is anyone gonna carpool?
posted by speicus at 11:58 AM on April 26, 2006

oh dang, I'll try to make that.
posted by raygun21 at 2:50 PM on April 26, 2006

I'm only about 50/50 now on being able to make it. Hope to see you there.
posted by scody at 3:16 PM on April 26, 2006

Well, I'm home, bitter, and without transportation. I hope you guys took plenty of pictures.
posted by maryh at 11:38 PM on April 26, 2006

What fun!

Had the pleasure of meeting up with the_bone, Space Kitten, Space Kitten's friend Dacid, Hatred, Whiteyonthemoon, sexyrobot, mandyman, Radio7, punch_the_mayor, DaShiv, & DaShiv's buddy Adam. (God help me if I'm forgetting anyone, but it was a good damn meetup.)

Several people had cameras (sadly, not me) and hopefully pictures will be posted soon. If not here, check this thread. Great meeting new folks, fabulous seeing regulars and I can't wait to get together again soon!

Next time: Karaoke! You heard it here first.
posted by Space Kitty at 11:45 PM on April 26, 2006

Oh God, a MeMoFi vortex...

posted by tracicle at 12:26 AM on April 27, 2006

You all rock.
Dashiv must give me first looks on any pictures that include my visage.
Or he doesn't get whipped.
posted by Radio7 at 1:27 AM on April 27, 2006

As tempting as that offer is, you'll just have to suffer and wait alongside everyone else. You must've forgotten that I'm a bastard. Sorry.
posted by DaShiv at 3:04 AM on April 27, 2006

*suffers, waits*
posted by Space Kitty at 1:55 PM on April 27, 2006


Ya poop.
posted by Radio7 at 3:16 PM on April 27, 2006

Aw man. I got ambushed by a research paper deadline. Can the next meetup be not during finals for me? Pretty please?
posted by speicus at 7:18 PM on April 27, 2006

yes, we'll wait until finals are over...but we're having it on the moon.
posted by sexyrobot at 5:57 PM on May 3, 2006

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