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東京Meetup メモ-- 5 月11 日-- Hachiko の彫像の5:30 と6 、そして動か儲の7pm 間の…、そして他の所で... (Tokyo Meetup Reminder--May 11th--between 5:30 and 6 at the statue of Hachiko, then 7pm at Ran-chu, then elsewhere... previous thread here)
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(that's babelfish's translation--any good?) : >
posted by amberglow at 12:28 PM on May 8, 2006

Could use a little work but I got it :)
posted by dead_ at 1:43 PM on May 8, 2006

awww, amberglow, I was going to post a reminder tomorrow!

...I haven't slept, so this isn't the best translation, but oh well. We'll be waiting for ya, amberglow, bunglin jones & sconbie! Too bad the weather doesn't look so good.
posted by misozaki at 2:01 PM on May 8, 2006

oh, i didn't know, miso...sorry...i leave really early in the morning tom'w so figured i might as well post it today... (i've been watching the weather--it's doing better than the dollar, at least)
posted by amberglow at 2:04 PM on May 8, 2006

Oh, hey, don't apologize. It's okay, I was just sort of looking forward to my first MeTa post... : ) Have a safe trip to Japan, everyone.
posted by misozaki at 2:13 PM on May 8, 2006

oh, email everyone if you get a chance tomorrow to remind them?
posted by amberglow at 2:31 PM on May 8, 2006

5:30? Uh... most of us are working...

7 I might be able to make. 8 is more likely.
posted by gen at 4:22 PM on May 8, 2006

no prob, gen--we'll be at Ran-chu from 7 on...
posted by amberglow at 4:42 PM on May 8, 2006

umm... where's Ran-chu?
posted by gen at 12:44 AM on May 9, 2006

I'd love to join you fine folks, but I'm working late on Thursday and won't be likely to make it.

Oh, and I believe this is the Ranchu (蘭鋳) you're talking about.
posted by armage at 12:48 AM on May 9, 2006

Sorry I can't be there. I wish I could. I'll send you something from Kyoto after you get home, so you don't have to carry it around.
posted by planetkyoto at 1:12 AM on May 9, 2006

Ok, see y'all 9:30ish.
posted by Bugbread at 3:26 AM on May 9, 2006

Damnit, come down to Kansai! Osaka's so much better than Tokyo!
posted by emmling at 3:59 AM on May 9, 2006

Whoops. I kinda forgot something pretty darn important scheduled on Thursday, so I won't be able to make it after work after all.

posted by Bugbread at 8:34 AM on May 9, 2006

bugbread: No way! That's too bad. If all else fails I'll let amberglow use my keitai at the meetup so you guys can maybe reschedule something for another day during his stay.
posted by misozaki at 9:38 PM on May 9, 2006

hey, i'm late to this, but I might be able to make it. depends on how much I get done between today and the meet time of 7pm (at Hachiko, right?)
posted by saketini99 at 11:27 PM on May 9, 2006

saketini99: The plan was to meet at Hachiko around 6, and then wander around a bit before heading to Ran-chu (thanks armage for the link) at 7, where dydecker has made reservations for us. So if you can't make it to Hachiko at that time, just come over to Ran-chu.

BTW, turns out I might not make it on time to Hachiko, either, but I'll head directly to Ran-chu if I miss you guys.
posted by misozaki at 3:10 AM on May 10, 2006

Misozaki: Cheers!
posted by Bugbread at 9:01 AM on May 10, 2006

hiya! hopefully i]ll see you guys later, or another day (posting from the apple store on ginza)

sayonara and later!
posted by amberglow at 10:25 PM on May 10, 2006

i'm home! here are some pics--more will be uploaded all weekend... it was wonderful---such a cool, weird, tangled, vertical place! : >
posted by amberglow at 4:56 AM on May 20, 2006

It was a pleasure meeting you, amberglow! Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay.
posted by misozaki at 3:41 PM on May 21, 2006

i totally did--and a giant domo origato to all of you! : >
posted by amberglow at 8:45 AM on May 22, 2006

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