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DB: Good evening and welcome to History Today. Now, as those of you who have been watching our broadcasts may be aware, there are those who feel that myself and Professor F.J Lewis have in some sense failed to cover the historical topics of our brief. I can only apologise and pledge that tonight's topic, German Domestic Policy, shall be treated with a fine intellectual rigour. So Professor Lewis, I wonder what you feel the nexus of cause and effect to be here.

RN: See that Geoff Gapes?

DB: Yes, I am aware of the athlete.

RN: That's your mum, that is. That's your mum trying her best to look extra feminine.
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You know, like, a pair of pants with some cack in it? That's you, that is.
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Here's your error:

[a href='""]New threat to Petrodollar
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