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SF Meet-Up Reminder. Tonight, 7pm-ish, at Zeitgeist (Valencia & Duboce).
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Whenever I show up to something "on time", I'm always the only one there. Comments?
posted by trevyn at 11:12 AM on June 8, 2006

Likely to happen this time, too. Hence the "-ish."

The planning on this one was kinda haphazard. Assuming the weather stays nice, I'm planning on showing up between 7 and 8 and having some beer and burgers. I'm hoping other people also show up, but I'll bring a book just in case.

Or else try to make friends with some bikers.
posted by occhiblu at 11:16 AM on June 8, 2006

Hmm, bot and hippy might attend we live a few blocks away by mission dolores...i'll check with the hippy when she gets home.
posted by iamabot at 12:04 PM on June 8, 2006

I'm out of town. Have fun, kids.
posted by DaShiv at 12:24 PM on June 8, 2006

I'm probably not going to make it, much as I'd like to.
posted by Dunwitty at 1:51 PM on June 8, 2006

Work demands that I arrive closer to 8 than 7. But I am certainly hoping to arrive.
posted by synapse at 2:36 PM on June 8, 2006

I can't make it tonight! Hope you guys have fun!
posted by ooga_booga at 2:48 PM on June 8, 2006

Oh hell, it's not looking like i'm going to be out of here till 7, but we'll see if we can make it.
posted by iamabot at 5:46 PM on June 8, 2006

Sorry, can't make it, folks. Get a bike chain in the face for me, though.
posted by squirrel at 6:02 PM on June 8, 2006

Alas, I can't make it. Try to have fun without me, though.

*gets bike chain in the face*
posted by brundlefly at 6:26 PM on June 8, 2006

holy fucks this place is huge, and I don't know any of you. eeps.
posted by trevyn at 7:57 PM on June 8, 2006

I had trevyn's problem. Sorry guys, I looped around 2-3 times, couldn't figure it out, and left. Was there some sort of sign I missed?
posted by synapse at 9:00 AM on June 9, 2006

Sorry, guys. Wasn't expecting it to be anywhere near that crowded. A couple of us found each other; the rest of you were missed.

And the obvious conclusion is we should leave the meet-up planning to caitlinb. :-)
posted by occhiblu at 9:12 AM on June 9, 2006

Well, I'm not one to say I told you so ... :)

SO, shall we go ahead and get together on a Tuesday sometime before the 28th, after all?

I love each and every one of you and want to be sure I see you before I chuck it all and run off to Europe!
posted by caitlinb at 11:07 AM on June 9, 2006

(Also, trevyn and synapse, if either of you goes to Yoga Sangha, then we did in fact see each other, but since I know you from yoga, it never occured to me you might be potential MetaFilter, because my brain does not process such worlds-colliding moments very quickly. In which case I'm 300% doubly sorry.)
posted by occhiblu at 11:28 AM on June 9, 2006

Crap, I walked right near this place last night on my way to El Buen Sabor after deciding the Mission Dolores Park movies were too hipster for me but I somehow managed to miss that there was a MeFi meetup. Leaving SFO tomorrow for New England again. Next time.
posted by jessamyn (staff) at 11:35 AM on June 9, 2006

caitlinb, yes, I think another meet-up would be good.
posted by occhiblu at 3:38 PM on June 10, 2006

I should have had someone email me their phone number or something beforehand. My gf and I were there, but it was very crowded and I didn't know anyone. We did meet a nice guy named Darryl (sp) who is leaving for Philadelphia in a few weeks. We wish you best of luck to you Darryl. I had a blast in SF and want to come back. There's always next time.
posted by wobh at 9:50 AM on June 11, 2006

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