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Any interest in a Mefi gathering in Madison, WI before the students show back up? Our last meeting was last September, and we had to juggle our location based on the omnipresence of the student body. Is it too soon to talk about this, or should we wait until August?
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I'm in! Whenever, wherever! As long as it fits my busy schedule, that is.
I'll start working on an agenda if you promise to provide the hidden agenda.
posted by Floydd at 6:27 AM on July 12, 2006

I'll try to make it, no guarantees. If the location is farther west than campus, I won't be there.

posted by rocketman at 7:31 AM on July 12, 2006 [1 favorite]

I'll be in Madison in late August (somewhere around the 24th), and I'd love to have a meetup, if it can wait that long.
posted by interrobang at 9:13 AM on July 12, 2006

There's a decent chance I'll be in town around August 25th to see the Mad Rollin' Dolls in action.
posted by eamondaly at 9:25 AM on July 12, 2006

I'd be in - it'd be nice if it was on the square or downtown so I can walk, but I'd try to go regardless of where it was!
posted by ugf at 9:42 AM on July 12, 2006

Man, you eastsiders --- I should have just asked for a Verona meetup. ;)
posted by thanotopsis at 11:37 AM on July 12, 2006

Not a bad idea. I've heard Verona is full of sad, lonely losers. Perhaps a Metafilter Meetup would be just the thing!
posted by rocketman at 7:32 PM on July 12, 2006

I'm in, as long as it's not during my prelims (Aug 21 and 22), and I can probably convince the wife to come along and meet you dorks.
posted by UKnowForKids at 9:04 AM on July 13, 2006

I'm still interested, but it would appear that we should quickly set a time and place and announce this again, on MetaTalk's front page.

Though I could email the handful of Madison-area MeFites who might be interested.
posted by rocketman at 10:59 AM on July 17, 2006

Sounds good to me. The email notification is a good way to do it, as last time, I picked up on a lot of folks that were happy to be informed, but who didn't regularly look at Talk.
posted by thanotopsis at 8:26 AM on July 18, 2006

August 25th? That seems to be when interrobang, eamondaly, and UKnowForKids can be there. I SUPPOSE I can catch a bus to the East Side, but I'll have to dress down.
We could meet closer to the square. Like at Gennas, the FlattyRon, the Argus, or the Silver Dollar.
Then theres' the Plaza, The Irish Pub on State, or, moving in the other direction, the Up North again.
Which place has the nicest panelling? You know, for squirrel.
posted by Floydd at 12:54 PM on July 19, 2006

I will not show up on the 25th, and interrobang prolly can't make it either.

The 24th might work for me, and the 28th would work as well.
posted by rocketman at 2:03 PM on July 20, 2006

How's about the 24th for everybody then? (I'm pulling numbers at random, here. WORK with me, people!)
posted by Floydd at 7:01 AM on July 21, 2006

24th is fine with me. (Didn't realize anyone was still posting to this thread!)
posted by UKnowForKids at 11:14 AM on July 21, 2006

Let's make it the 24th. We could meet at Woody-Anne's.
posted by rocketman at 7:34 AM on July 24, 2006

I've never been to (or heard of) this "Woody-Anne's" of which you speak, but it sounds like a fine plan to me. If we're looking at near east side places, though, might I throw in a pitch for the Harmony Bar?
posted by UKnowForKids at 9:27 AM on July 24, 2006

I also have not heard of this Woody-Anne's, but would be willing to meet up anywhere folks want to meet. I, personally, like Frida's -- but I'm a sucker for Mexican.
posted by thanotopsis at 9:56 AM on July 24, 2006

24th is probably fine with me; my vacation plans aren't solid yet, though.
posted by interrobang at 10:26 AM on July 24, 2006

Woody-Anne's is on Winnebago, near the old Rayovac factory. It's probably not the best place for a meetup, now that I think about it.

How about Wonder's Pub?
posted by rocketman at 10:33 AM on July 25, 2006

Wonder's is fine with me as well, and would work very well on a Thursday night, I imagine.
posted by UKnowForKids at 11:56 AM on July 25, 2006

Wonder's would be great, especially if that bluegrass band is there that night.
posted by interrobang at 1:09 PM on July 25, 2006

They play on Tuesdays, interrobang. But when they're playing it's really too loud for talking, anyway. Although that might be preferable to talking to you lot! Har har har.
posted by UKnowForKids at 6:28 PM on July 25, 2006

All in favor, say aye.
posted by rocketman at 8:48 PM on July 25, 2006

Wonder's sounds good to me, as does the date. I say we make a new thread on the 1st, and then start emailing people that are "close" to us in the Mefi listings so that we can get a good-sized group to show up.
posted by thanotopsis at 10:32 AM on July 26, 2006

Wonder's is a $15 cab ride for me. Which means if I drive you won't get the full Drunken Floydd Experience.
Which, now that I think about it, may be an improvement.
I'm in.
I know a Sax player who'll work for cheap!
posted by Floydd at 10:33 AM on July 26, 2006

Because we're all so cool, I've marked it on WikiMapia
posted by thanotopsis at 10:52 AM on July 26, 2006

I think that's the bank....
posted by Floydd at 12:59 PM on July 26, 2006

Well, change it then. All I really know of that area is Monty's (mmmm, Pie), and I marked that already.
posted by thanotopsis at 1:27 PM on July 26, 2006

I reported it for a move, whatever that means. Being a West-Sider I'm not sure exactly which bar in that row of bars is Wonders, but I'm sure somebody else will pipe up.
Marked the Barrymore. I feel so powerful now....
posted by Floydd at 6:47 AM on July 27, 2006

West sider, my butt...I have to drive 15 minutes east to get to West Towne Mall. Zoom out and check out Hawk's landing. I live on the south-west side.

I still think it's amazing that they expect my kids to go to Madison schools. ...and pay Madison taxes.
posted by thanotopsis at 7:18 AM on July 27, 2006

So, it's Wonder's, then?
posted by interrobang at 10:01 AM on July 27, 2006

Geez, thanotopsis, how long's their bus ride?
Back when I lived on my palatial country estate my kids would ride the bus for 50 minutes every morning. But I was only paying Mt. Horeb taxes.
Now, I happily rent.
I think the two biggest whiners have agreed that Wonder's is it, interrobang. Someone will have to remember to re-post this closer to the actual date.

Meanwhile, I'll get Orange Piccolo Guy and that Sax player to join my new band, "The Drunken Floydd Experience."
posted by Floydd at 10:31 AM on July 27, 2006

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