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World of Warcraft guild update!

Our latest attempt at starting a WoW guild, "The Blue", is flourishing and has a brand spanking new website and forum (so new that the paint is still drying the layout still needs work). We already have a group planning on running the first Alliance instance this week, with others who continue to play their characters at various times, but we're always looking for more like-minded folks to join up.

So if you missed the previous thread, please drop by on Maelstrom and give us a shout :)
posted by cyrusdogstar to MetaFilter Gatherings at 4:14 PM (14 comments total) 1 user marked this as a favorite

If I still played, I would definitely stop by. Time and money, as usual, preclude such things. Have fun, you guys.
posted by danb at 5:44 PM on July 16, 2006

Is anyone interested in City of Villains?
posted by Ryvar at 7:57 PM on July 16, 2006

That guild name will probably attract a Pict at some point. If that happens, I can only hope that some of you are small furry creatures and that there is a cave nearby.
posted by kindall at 8:41 PM on July 16, 2006

Well, if you ever get bored of WoW and migrate en masse to Guild Wars, let me know.
posted by bifter at 2:22 AM on July 17, 2006

If only European accounts let you on the US servers...
posted by terpsichoria at 4:23 AM on July 17, 2006

Second the Guild Wars -- my lonely little guild of one (even with it's super hall) is getting tiresome.
posted by mrmojoflying at 5:06 AM on July 17, 2006

Stick me on your friends list if you want help with missions or anything mrmojoflying. Unlike 99% of GW players, I am not a complete idiot. IGN: Il Bruto.
posted by bifter at 7:25 AM on July 17, 2006

Thanks bifter, will do - are you Factions or Prophecies?
posted by mrmojoflying at 7:56 AM on July 17, 2006

Happily, both. I'm at Hell's Precipice in Factions, and Unwaking Waters in Prophecies.
posted by bifter at 8:30 AM on July 17, 2006

booooo alliance.

wotf man. wotf.
posted by Lizc at 11:02 AM on July 17, 2006

I'm pretty sure we went Alliance because most of the earlier folks who helped create it, were used to Horde and wanted to try something new :)
posted by cyrusdogstar at 12:23 PM on July 17, 2006

I did miss the previous thread, but once upon a time I added this stub to the wiki...
posted by Loser at 2:27 PM on July 17, 2006

Swell, thanks Loser! :)

You have a very guilt-inducing name, I'll have you know
posted by cyrusdogstar at 3:14 PM on July 17, 2006

I just rolled a new char on Maelstrom. Gnome Warrior named Schnickels. I've never played Alliance before! hooray
posted by capnsue at 5:27 PM on July 18, 2006

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