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The Date: Thursday, August 24th. The Time: 7:00pm-ish. The Place: Wonder's Pub, Madison, WI (We've marked where we think it is here). [more inside]
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Things to consider:

* We need to get the word out. Make sure to Favorite this post, or check back in your My Comments, in case details change. Drop an email to folks who are "close to you" on your profile, as not everyone reads MetaTalk.

* While I figure those of us who were at last year's meetup can recognize each other, we may need a way of identifying each other, particularly if the place is hopping. I vote for yelling "Captain Moonlight!" in a bad Irish accent.

* Floydd will apparently be sober, so we'll need to find something other than "making fun of drunk Floydd" to talk about.

* In case we spill out into the street, and a riot breaks out, remember to pack your plastic shields and billyclubs.
posted by thanotopsis at 8:53 AM on July 31, 2006

Huh, that Flickr link looks dead. That's too bad. Anyone still got those pics around so that we can repost (preferrably with a target superimposed, so you know just who you need to assassinate)?
posted by thanotopsis at 9:06 AM on July 31, 2006

Here are Hlewegast's pictures from the last meetup.
Does Wonder's have paneling??
posted by Floydd at 9:41 AM on July 31, 2006

That map is still wrong - now the other bank is marked. Heh.

I'll try to make it, but I'm getting married on the 26th, so I might be elbow-deep in in-laws and ennui by that point. So no promises.

But interrobang will be in town, and that's as good a reason as any to drink to puke and puke to live.
posted by rocketman at 10:08 AM on July 31, 2006

I'll be there! And so will the practically never-commenting Sybil!

And I'll make damned sure that rocketman can take some time out to be there, too.
posted by interrobang at 10:42 AM on July 31, 2006

I (and spouse, probably) will be in attendance. Huzzah!
posted by UKnowForKids at 11:03 AM on July 31, 2006

Sorry 'bout the busted link, gents.

I am about 85% certain Wonder's is paneling-free. Boo!
posted by Hlewagast at 11:56 AM on July 31, 2006

"But interrobang will be in town, and that's as good a reason as any to drink to puke and puke to live."

Yeah. Slow down, buddy.
posted by greasy_skillet at 4:45 PM on July 31, 2006

What is it with the east-side-o-centrism of the meetups?

Family in town, but will try to swing by.

P.S. Didn't the mayor say we have to pay $5 for the privilege of rioting this year?
posted by escabeche at 10:55 AM on August 21, 2006

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