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Probably another stupid question: I have a lengthy "more inside" for the front page post I am working on and I can't seem to get paragraph breaks to work. The "more inside" comes out as one long block of text and I want to break it up. I have searched the FAQ and tried my limited HTML magic. What code do I use to break paragraphs up around here? Sorry for the n00b question.
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The enter button usually suffices. Paste it into a comment box and you'll be able to see the live preview.
posted by peacay at 4:51 PM on July 31, 2006

Compose your more inside in the post box, but copy and paste it into the comment form immediately after you post. Don't worry about line breaks because they'll be maintained in a comment.

They are ignored in posts because people often make tons of unnecessary breaks that make the front page of mefi long and confusing (you can't tell where a post starts and ends). So I strip them out of the front page posts but they are preserved in comments (like I am doing here).
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For some reason the "enter" key didn't work. Ortho guided me in the right direction. Not sure what I am doing wrong but I hope the final formatting works. Thanks, too, peacay, and sorry for the weird double here, Jattamyn.
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In comments, the "enter" is automatically converted to a <br>, but not in posts, for the reason that mathowie just said (because people abuse it.) You can manually use <br> in a post if you really want a line break, but please don't.

But your more inside goes in the first comment not the post, so it shouldn't matter that the enter key doesn't translate to <br> automatically in posts.
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I should be clear that I only strip line breaks (hitting enter) out of MetaFilter posts to the front page. Everywhere else, they will work fine, and please don't add in paragraph or br tags, as they are superfluous.

Just type it normally into the first comment to do a more inside, no extra HTML is necessary.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 5:33 PM on July 31, 2006

Right, Rhomboid: I'm just not used to the protocol. Well, fuck, I guess I've overkilled. I'm too impatient as usual. Please fix my paragraph breaks Matt or Jessamyn. I'll figure this out for next time. Sorry for the hassle.
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The problem, I guess, is that I drafted the whole post in my text editor and when I pasted it to MeFi the carriage returns didn't register. That and the fact I am an HTML n00b. Please fix the spaces between paras, Matt, if you care to, and thanks for chiming in. And go to the last link of the post for the meat.
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I fixed the links, would you like your lead link to go to something other than a definition of triage, like the last link of the post, for example?
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So, is this where we come for the inevitable callout?
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Thanks very very much, jessamyn, and no: the definition of triage is the story (of the last link). It's also in the post title and I had hoped that would be a clue...
posted by persona non grata at 6:41 PM on July 31, 2006

Okay, points for novelty.
posted by scrump at 2:29 PM on August 1, 2006

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