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DC meetup reminder: This afternoon. 2pm onwards. The Palace Of Wonders to welcome jessamyn to town.
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The best way to get there not involving a taxi.

Who to look for when you're there.
posted by hugsnkisses at 8:20 AM on August 6, 2006

Have fun kids, I wish I could be there - the Corn Dog Nuggets alone make the place sound awesome, but if you throw in a meetup, it's a slam dunk. Stupid entire North American continent, separating us like this!
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There's an article in the place in this month's Hill Rag which may mean it's a little crowded. I'm in jeans and a tank top, MrMoonPie and I will both be wearing Birkenstocks.
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Looks about right..

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I'm running late, but I'm on my way out the door to catch the X2 right now.
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Pictures, we MUST have pictures!
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From the menu: Basket of tortilla chips toped with our veggie chilli. hic! Have fun.
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Turns out the museum was closed and so we went to Argonaut down the street and hung out for a good six hours. Really good time (imho). In attendance: brownpau, MrMoonPie, EvilTiff, blasdelf, hugsnkisses, NortonDC, onlyconnect, youcancallmeal, inkoate, necessitas and me. Brownpau's got all the pictures but he's still on the Metro.
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No, I'm not!

I'll have them uploaded in a couple of hours. I'll have to set the nude and risque ones to Private, of course, but if I've marked you as Friend or Family you should be able to see and print them.
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Really enjoyed this meetup! Very cool to meet you all, and to hear some war stories from jessamyn. A++ would meetup again!
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"Brownpau's got all the pictures but he's still on the Metro."

Soldiers sleeping next to him, no doubt.
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Thanks for making a lurker feel welcome.
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Photos here.
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Please do not punch the happy fun urinal.
posted by NortonDC at 8:01 PM on August 6, 2006

It was so nice to meet all of you. I had a great time!
posted by necessitas at 8:18 PM on August 6, 2006

I'll get the pictures up tomorrow...I just got home! We should do this more often.
posted by youcancallmeal at 9:01 PM on August 6, 2006

Do The MrMoonPie.
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I'm going back to bed.
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It was good to see NortonDC and onlyconnect again though. Marriage suits them.
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A pleasure to meet everyone! Thanks for the photos, brownpau, and the absolutely hilarious video of MoonPie.

Lets do this again sometime soon.
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Also don't forget for those of you around downtown this evening there is the movie on the Mall. We'll be there with an evil happy face balloon maybe 6-ish, email MrMoonPie for a cell number if you want to find us.
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Wow, nice photos, brownpau! Love the b&w! And you guys look great.
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Terrapin and turtlegirl, you certainly should have gotten shout-outs. We talked about you and your retreat into the wilderness, whipping the grounds into shape, bringing the gospel of the web to the unchurched locals, etc. What gives with the SUV? I would have thought that turtlegirl would have her heart set on a Honda Insight or something like that.
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NortonDC: Believe me, turtlegirl fretted and rubbed her hands over the idea of having an SUV, but the reality of the situation required us to do the dirty deed. After all, rural Vermont is not the same as the Big City. As jessamyn will attest, our road and driveway will require 4-wheel drive, and more accurately a car with some clearance once the snows start (and worse during mud season). Plus, in our defense, the CRV gets much better gas mileage than our old Subaru. Lastly, it isn't that much bigger than the Outback, being only a few inches taller.

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. And good to see you all even if only in pictures.
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Excellent pictures, brownpau! I can't wait to see the video make the rounds, get mashed-up, have new music added, etc. Sorry about the venue issue, everyone. Do we know if anyone made it to the Palace of Wonders, but didn't make it to the Argonaut?
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pictures? pictures.
posted by youcancallmeal at 11:51 AM on August 7, 2006

Fun meeting you guys, especially the clever "find where the hell the 'Argonaut' is when no one in the area has any idea what you're talking about" game. An excellent test of wits to weed out the weak ones.
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The MrMoonPie Mash is hee-larious. Sorry I missed it.
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BLASSSSST! Why must I read meetup threads a month *after* they occur?! And to think I was just considering posting a new meetup thread.
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