Status Blog Eliminated? August 8, 2006 7:25 AM   Subscribe

Has the status blog been eliminated? It takes me right back to the front page of the site like all of the joke subdomains that were all the rage back in the day.
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Works for me, although there have only been 4 updates in the last year.
posted by smackfu at 7:29 AM on August 8, 2006

I setup backup DNS that pointed everything to the main server, forgetting about that little site. I'll fix it today.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 7:35 AM on August 8, 2006

Joke subdomains? Do tell...
posted by mattbucher at 9:46 AM on August 8, 2006

posted by If I Had An Anus at 10:10 AM on August 8, 2006

/me sends Matt a batch of Quadruple Chocolate Makes Mouths Happy Brownies for his prompt response.
posted by Dreama at 11:21 AM on August 8, 2006

He's got the site well tuned as of late. Matt, your effort is highly appreciated.
posted by caddis at 11:32 AM on August 8, 2006

Suggestion, Matt: You should probably think about moving that out to (or double DNSing it to) an off-domain URL as well, so it's still accessible when DNS dies.

And yes, kudos; I waste way too much time here again, lately. Great place to hang out.
posted by baylink at 1:11 PM on August 8, 2006

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