Impromptu Tufte in NYC meetup? August 24, 2006 2:22 PM   Subscribe

Impromptu NYC meetup: anyone going to the Edward Tufte seminar tomorrow?
I'll be there for work and would love to break up the 6+ hour day with a few mefi folks.

If you want to get in last-minute, seems there are still tickets left... surprising, as these seminars usually sell out quickly.
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Wow - can't go and sorry to leave you in the social lurch, but would love to hear about the seminar afterwards !

Email is in the profile if you're willing to share.
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I'm not in NYC, but if anyone's on the fence, I'd definitely recommend the seminar. I caught one a few years ago in Boston, and it was fantastic. Also - when I went, there was a student discount that made it about as much for the seminar as it would cost to buy the books, so it was a great deal.

Have fun!
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No, but I am going to the free Ted Leo show tomorrow night at South Street Seaport.
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anyone going to the Edward Tufte seminar tomorrow?

Nah, I'm just going to download the PowerPoint when it shows up on the torrent networks.
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George_Spiggott writes "Nah, I'm just going to download the PowerPoint when it shows up on the torrent networks."


I attended and loved a Tufte seminar eight or nine years ago in the WTC neighborhood. It's a great idea for a meetup, but I can't attend; I just moved away.
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You moved away from New York? For shame! ;)

I'd come out, but I have a dinner with the rest of my team from work. It's at some fancy place called the Gotham Bar and Grill near Union Square, so I don't plan on missing out on expensive food and alcohol that I can consume on the company dollar.

Also, educate the ignorant, who is Tufte again? I recall at least one prior meetup suggestion hinging on one of his talks, but don't remember why he's giving seminars or why people go to them. I could just look on Wikipedia but I'd prefer someone to put it in their own words :P
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Hey, eight years of commuting was enough. I like New York but I wanted more space. Now I'm in the Pioneer Valley/Five College Area in Massachusetts and hope to have a meetup in this neighborhood once I get a little more settled. I'm sure there are a number of Mefites nearby, and I'll put the call in here after Labor Day after the students are back in town.

As for Tufte, he's a professor of statistics who has become a specialist in the communication of data, particularly through visual means. He's published several very good (and beautiful) books, starting with The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, and he tours around preaching his message of good information design.
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Thanks for the explanation on Tufte, now the interest in his seminars makes sense :)

As for the move, I was being mostly facetious, but now I find it amusing, since I moved from the Pioneer Valley down here a few years ago myself! I know I've run into at least 2-3 other Western Mass Mefites (on the site; not in real life) so you should be able to get at least a small meetup going.
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