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Spell check not working. Clicked for it, it generated this error:

Error processing CFX custom tag "CFX_JSpellCheck".
posted by Goofyy to Bugs at 4:35 AM (9 comments total)

posted by mathowie (staff) at 7:34 AM on September 14, 2006

actually, the server got all slow once I enabled it, so I just removed it again. Maybe that little bit of 5 year old java spellcheck code is a resource hog.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 7:46 AM on September 14, 2006

Couldn't you do spell-checking server-side? You could put red squiggly underlines under stuff in the preview or something.
posted by reklaw at 12:31 PM on September 14, 2006

You're bad spelling makes Meatfilter cry.
posted by evariste at 12:43 PM on September 14, 2006

I'm not bad spelling, you're bad spelling!

I'm telling mom!
posted by InfidelZombie at 3:11 PM on September 14, 2006

But Mathowie, sometimes I make spelling mistakes! Usually the same ones! And when i don't, let me tell you, as the kid who got D's in spelling in grade school (and caught hell for it, at home), I really get a KICK out of the spell checker telling me nothing is wrong!
posted by Goofyy at 6:50 AM on September 15, 2006

Spellbound for Firefox
posted by crunchland at 3:38 AM on September 18, 2006

The new firefox has built-in spellchecking, if you're not an extension fan.
posted by hoborg at 9:37 AM on September 21, 2006

I never used the spell check function (as my many many typos over the years will attest) but I think it's funn tht it's been replaced by a grey bit of what looks like a button, but isn't clickable next to the 3 functioning buttons. (IE 6.0)
posted by raedyn at 10:00 AM on September 21, 2006

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