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The spellcheck button has disappeared for me, in both the blue and the green. And the spellcheck on MeTa posts isn't working also.
posted by biffa to Bugs at 2:40 AM (9 comments total)

im in ur thredz spelin ur werdz!

You're just not OCD enough.
posted by loquacious at 2:48 AM on September 18, 2006

"a resource hog"
posted by NinjaTadpole at 3:07 AM on September 18, 2006

If you use Firefox, might I suggest Spellbound?
posted by crunchland at 3:38 AM on September 18, 2006

It says it won't work with
posted by klangklangston at 5:54 AM on September 18, 2006

It was only released Friday, I'd bet an update is forth coming.
posted by Mitheral at 6:32 AM on September 18, 2006

There is a link to the development version ( of Spellbound at the bottom of this page. The released version has not worked in a year, but for some reason the developer does not seem interested in updating it or in making the development version easy to find. Firefox 2.0 will have built-in spellchecking so it will be a moot point pretty soon.
posted by octothorpe at 7:10 AM on September 18, 2006

Don't you get spellcheck when you right-click in the text entry box?
posted by five fresh fish at 9:59 AM on September 18, 2006

I use the Google toolbar in Firefox, one of the features is spell check for dialogue entry. Works great.
posted by quin at 11:42 AM on September 18, 2006

Thanks for the update and info. One day I'll have to pull my finger out and make the change to Firefox.
posted by biffa at 9:14 AM on September 19, 2006

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