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San Francisco MeetUp -- November 9, 2006, 6:00 p.m.-ish. Details not yet worked out but save the date.
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We're still chatting about places. We're looking for: place with food/kitchen; not too crowded/popular; not too loud; near public transportation/BART; not too expensive.
Contenders to date include 21st Amendment, Last Supper Club, The Rite Spot. Please suggest more places.
posted by ClaudiaCenter at 3:23 PM on October 16, 2006

Or express away re listed places. I have one more idea -- Chieftains at 5th & Howard. Probably the closest of all on the list to BART. I was there a couple of years ago for an event on a Saturday early evening and it was empty-ish, but I don't know what a Thursday after work would be like (if they have a huge happy hour crowd that might be overwhelming to a meet-up).
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After that noisy-ass bar in Vegas, nothing is overwhelming. Shit... we had to yell into each others' ears to be heard, and at one point someone had to physically push back a crowd of revellers who'd fallen on top of some of our seated folks.
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The old thread is here. I should note, since I didn't earlier, that the training sessions I have are Wed through Fri of that week, and are full-day. So 6pm might not work as well as, say, 7 or 8pm, unless it's moved to earlier in the week.

Depends entirely on just how late the training course goes, and how far away the venue is from where I'll be.
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Eight p.m.-ish is fine by me. Probably better (maybe?) to keep it on November 9th, as Tuesday the 7th is election day. And Monday is, like, Monday.
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Also 7:00 p.m. on is after happy hour, which solves that issue.
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How about House of Shields? Or Minna and Varnish Fine Arts are both in that general area.
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House of Shields has no food. I'm not familiar with the other two.
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111 Minna is a cool location, but it doesn't have food. And it is generally pretty loud. And is more often that not hosting a special event with a cover charge.

Varnish is also cool, but foodless. I haven't been there when it hasn't been a special event, but I don't think there's much in the way of seating.

I might go by Chieftain's on Thursday to see what the crowd is like. It wouldn't be my choice to show an out-of-towner the flavor of the city, but it does seem to be quiet, very close to BART, and have food. If it doesn't pan out my vote goes with Last Supper Club or 21st Amendment. 21st is about a 15 minute walk from BART, though.
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My vote is for any food-enabled establishment.
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I have a class on Thursdays that gets me back in SF after 10pm, but I'll make it out to one of these meetups here one day. If food and being close to BART is important, then Annabelle's Bar (68 Fourth St.) is another nice spot.
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I'm also car-less, but I'll try to make it after my class. Looking forward to it.
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Someone suggested E&O Trading Company. I can call tomorrow and see if they charge for using the private rooms (or if you just need to guarantee a certain bar tab).

Annabelle's sounds good & convenient ... Maybe there or Chieftains, both super close to Powell Street BART.
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I stopped into Chieftain's tonight at about a quarter to 7, and the place was so packed, there wasn't even a seat for me by myself. Not a good sign. I passed Annabelle's. Looked nice. I didn't go inside to see the crowd, though.
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Okay, I'll check out Annabelle's next Thursday to see if it is too crowded ... I haven't called E&O's yet. Sounds like Chieftains is out.
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So how do we reservup or whatever for this here shindig?
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I saw a couple of places on 5th Street (between Market and Mission) tonight that might be possible -- the lounge at the bottom of the Pickwick Hotel is large and light and has food/bar. Next door was Hotel Milano, which also had a ground floor restaurant with bar. Another possibility is Cha Am, a Thai place with a full bar at Folsom & Third.
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I'm also checking out Elephant & Castle on Clay & Battery. They supposedly have meeting areas ...
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Shoot! I have a concert that night- can't make it. Next time...
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Oo, thanks for the email heads up.
posted by Loser at 9:48 AM on October 26, 2006

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