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We gonna do this? This post a couple weeks ago called for folks to meet up in St. Screwy. Tonight. Perhaps the Tin Can, on Morganford, or are we gonna just give up this time and try later?
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I'd go, but I'm probably going to be at work late, and then I'm out to dinner with my boyfriend's parents. Oh yeah, and then there's that awesome lack of a car...
posted by limeonaire at 9:13 AM on October 27, 2006

I'm down for putting it off until a time when we can have a more concrete plan that we can announce in advance.
posted by andoatnp at 9:34 AM on October 27, 2006

Seconding andoatnp - I wanna meet y'all, but today is becoming a train wreck.
posted by OneOliveShort at 10:00 AM on October 27, 2006

Oh and limeonaire, I'm way out in the boonies of metro east, but I can give you a ride when we finally do this...
posted by OneOliveShort at 10:09 AM on October 27, 2006

Since most bars are zoos tonight on account of the game, postponement will likely be a wise choice.
posted by notsnot at 12:55 PM on October 27, 2006

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