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It may be just me, but in just the last couple of days I'm finding that my comments are being auto-appended with extra &ltp>, resulting in a few lines of blank space after my comments but before the comment footer. At first I figured it was just me being careless with extra &ltp> tags lying around in my post, but it's happening every time and this test post exhibited the same behavior. In the second paragraph, I typed the line and inserted no paragraph or br tags, and didn't even hit return to start a new line- yet after hitting "Post" there are extra &ltp> tags in the HTML after posting. Thoughts?
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It's still happening, and it appears that the posting process adds the same number of paragraph tags within the text to the end- my latest post to the MLB contraction has a whopping 5 breaks after the last line- the same number as are in between the text paragraphs itself. What the heck is up with that?!
posted by hincandenza at 12:47 AM on November 7, 2001

it's probably an interaction with the new tag-closing code. use the <p> element correctly (it's a container, not a paragraph break) and you probably won't have any problem.

or just leave a blank line between paragraphs, and mefi does the right thing automatically.
posted by jimw at 2:07 AM on November 7, 2001

That tag-closer is causing all kinds of havoc. The interminable ljromanoff-holgate snipefest has been completely fuct since about here (HTML-wise).
posted by rodii at 9:24 AM on November 7, 2001

Tag closers! D'oh- how did I not figure that out myself; I'm so used to not actually having to close the p tag... you'd think the observation I made about the number of breaks and previous p tags, along with the sheer timing of the problem and the tag-closer code would have tipped me off.


posted by hincandenza at 1:10 PM on November 7, 2001

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