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I propose a Twin Cities meetup for Friday the 8th, at Britt's Pub downtown. I miss hanging with the local MeFites here and I think it's about time we met again. What do you think?
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I'm up for it.
posted by Astro Zombie at 1:27 PM on December 2, 2006

I propose I meet you guys there.
posted by esch at 1:52 PM on December 2, 2006

what time? how many or few articles of clothing am i to wear? will britt's let a chap like me in?
posted by localhuman at 7:31 PM on December 2, 2006

I hope you guys take pictures, because I've always wondered if they were Identical Twin Cities or Fraternal Twin Cities.
posted by trip and a half at 8:23 PM on December 2, 2006

We will meet at 8 P. M. if that works for yall, If you have a fish in your pants, that will earn you bonus points. Meet me in the front area. i will be the one in the power wheelchair and sporting a trendy computer that does all my talking for me. No I'm not Steven Hawking. Localhuman, if your under 21, I wouldn't worry about it. They are relaxed unless you order a beer. You are on your own for clothes.
posted by wheelieman at 8:58 PM on December 2, 2006

Attire: casual.
posted by wheelieman at 9:01 PM on December 2, 2006

I wish my computer did my talking for me. Left to my own devices, I sound like an idiot.

I look like this.
posted by Astro Zombie at 9:54 PM on December 2, 2006

If you do meet at Britt's, will someone please drink a snakebite and eat scotch eggs for me (lived in Mpls 3 years).
posted by squidfartz at 11:22 AM on December 3, 2006

We are fraternal twin cities.
posted by thilmony at 6:05 PM on December 3, 2006

YAY, keg time!!
posted by wheelieman at 9:19 PM on December 3, 2006

i look like this
posted by localhuman at 6:50 AM on December 4, 2006

I've got another thing going on up the street, but it's happening earlier. If it works out, I'll certainly stop in.
posted by nicething at 5:27 PM on December 7, 2006

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