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God dammit. Everybody's over there in the US and England having their little metafilter meetups, but based on my last post in askmefi, there seem to be a few of us mefites in Beijing, and we're missing out. Well I've had enough, and I say we need to rise up and outmeetup the Anglomeetupspherers. So if you're in Beijing, or you'll be in Beijing soon, talk to me about where/when/how we should do this.
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BJ represent - woot-woot.

I know there's you and me and Bokane (and he was online today even!). There are certainly more of us scatered throughout China, anyone up for heading to the big city for some big city fun?

I'm unfortunately in Tanjian this weekend for business, but other than that, I'm here!

I think if we are going to do this it needs to be in an overly distictive Chinese place, such as at the Mao-kitchy Red Capital Club, a total dive dumpling place or at some blindingly tacky K-tv place. We need to make the hive break down in tears that they missed this one once they see the photos!
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jbb7's a Beijinger at last report, no?
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I guess July or August would not qualify as being in BJ soon.
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I just want to say that starting a gatherings post with "God dammit" makes me all warm and fuzzy.

I look forward to the photos wherever you folks end up.
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I'm curious - isn't Metafilter blocked in China?
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I'll be in Beijing from December 20th until the 24th. If something comes together during this period, let me know (email in profile).
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As my mother used to say... "Don't expect us to come bail you out!"
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Pollomacho - Oh the hive will cry. May Matthowie's tears drown the server. And we should get the Tianjiners up here for this. If you know any other meef's in Tianjin, collect them! The Bohai Bay Greater Directly Governed Metropolitan Area Metafilter Meetup, I guess. BBGDGMA repraZENT!

Going from jbb7's profile, it looks like he is... but we'll get him and everyone else in good time, and hopefully in time for you, daveleck.

Ideas so far
- metafilter quiz team at any one of the bars with quiz night
- the Red Capital Club (good call, I like it)
- Christmas roast duck (for those of us still here; thinking the duck place near all the Russian restaurants in Dongzhimen)
- lesser-known tourist sites+beer at the nearest little restaurant?
- Beijing opera+warm baijiu? I know there's a few places in town that do it well, but I've never had a reason to go
- the little noodle place outside my house with all the flies (you want dive... but if you can get a bowl without the flies, they serve these absolutely massive bowls of incredible noodles and dumplings for 3 kuai)
- I don't know if we can get enough people, but lots of the bars in 798 will rent themselves out for the night
- blind massage+sauna (in a completely straight way)
- experimental music night at D-22

That's what I could brainstorm and collect in a day.

Yeah, Loquacious, China's well known for it's hospitality. Have some fucking dumplings and bask in the love. There absolutely will be photos.

SteveInMaine, lucky for us, it's as unblocked as wikipedia!
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But wikipedia is not unblocked anymore? MeFi runs fine however.

I was thinking we'd call it the MeFi SinoSummit 2006 - the Roundeye Roundtable.

We could do it after the 20th, that will give us more time to plan and locate the team, but only if daveleck brings us American candy (candy canes will be fine, "mints" in China literally taste like cough drops).
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"mints" in China literally taste like cough drops

I had a Chinese coworker tell me once that American soda tasted like carbonated cough syrup.

I guess you have to get it somewhere.

Be that as it may, have fun and please post a shitload of pictures!
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Ha ha - I came into work this morning only to find somebody had decorated or cubicles with candy canes. I can definitely bring a box of 'em.

We don't know our exact itinerary while in Beijing, but I think our late evenings will always be free. I believe we'll be at the SAS Radisson.

My wife is renting a cell phone, so we'll be able to reach out to someone once we are there. We leave the US on Saturday the 16th for Hong Kong and arrive in Beijing fairly late on the 20th. The evening of the 21st, 22nd or 23rd would probably be best for us.
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metafilter quiz team at any one of the bars with quiz night

This is such a good idea.
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This sounds awesome. I'll be back Stateside from 12/23 to 1/10, but am around at all other times.

Quiz night is an awesome idea. I had aspirations of starting a John Bull Pub quiz-night dynasty, but my teammates flaked and then the place turned into a barbeque joint.
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i'll probably be in beijing sometime in Jan, must of the time I'll be in wuhan, I'd love to join the fun.
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Looks like we need to do it Thursday or Friday. Anybody got the December That's BJ handy for the quiz night schedules?
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Looks like quiz nights are Tuesday and Wednesday only -- Tues. at the erstwhile John Bull, Wed. at Lush, Bar Blu, and the Pomegranate.

The John Bull one would normally work best for me, but I'll probably be watching the latest Zhang Yimou atrocity with my girlfriend -- Tuesdays are the cheap movie screenings. I could do the Bar Blu one on Wednesday, but I've got kind of a thing against Sanlitunr. Lush is also doable, I guess, though Wudaokou's kind of a haul and I can't stand the place. Have got no idea where the Pomegranate is, other than "somewhere the fuck out in Shunyi."
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The Pomegranate is nice, but, yes, way out in fucking Shunyi. I too have a social avoidance issue regarding Sanlitun, mainly because it sucks, but also because I have no interest in your lady bar or bad pot, thanks.

Wed. is a no go for me unfortunately though as I'm in a meeting already. That leaves the 21st or 22nd if we want Bokane and Daveleck in attendance.
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I'm in Hong Kong right now and have candy canes. That's all I'm gonna say...

Keep me posted...
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Ah well - may not be in the cards for me this time, but hell - will be back next month, if this meetup doesn't go too disastrously and anyone's in the mood for a repeat.
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Pollomacho pointed me to this meetup. I am currently working in Beijing, and will be spending the bulk of my time in China for the next 5-6 months. My social circle here is small, so I am very much up for meeting fellow mefi-ers and such. I am residing in Haidian (zhongguancun area) if that matters, pretty close to the 13 line.

As for December, I am here in Beijing through all this week, and than flying to Yunnan for a week. I probably won't remember to check this thread often, but if something comes up, I'd appreciate a message. My email is in the profile.

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