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Daegu, South Korea: any Mefites here? If so, do you drink beer? Any time before Jan 16th.
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I'm on Geoje Island. We'll be in Seoul for New Years. You can come visit us on the island if you like, or meet up in Seoul (we don't go to Deagu much).
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I'm in Seoul, Daegu isn't likely though, sadly.
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I'm in Japan now, but I'm traveling to Pusan (or is it Busan, I don't know what exactly you call it in Korea) for four days over the New Year's holiday. I have no exact plans at this point, so if you can tell me about anything interesting there and that it's cheap to go there from Busan, I'd be up for that. Also, I do drink beer.
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Geoje is just south of Busan so we spend a lot of time there. I recommend Nampodong (the area around the Busan tower) for a cool street market vibe. It's also home of the Busan Film Festival so it's a good place to catch a movie.

Just south of Nampodong is the Jalgalchi Fish Market. An interesting walk and a great place for dinner. You don't even have to try anything too adventurous — fried flounder and steamed king crab are easy to find and fantastic.

I also recommend the PNU neighborhood (Pusan National University). Lots of bars, cool shops, etc. Busan is the second-largest city in Korea, 4 million people, and there is plenty to do. We spent last NYE there and had a great time.
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Beer, yes. Daegu, probably not.

I'm traveling to Pusan (or is it Busan

The McCune-Reischauer romanization system, used officially from 1984 to 2000, was superseded by the new romanization system introduced about 6 years back. The old system romanized 부산 as 'Pusan', the new system as 'Busan'.

Both systems have weaknesses. The biggest one with the new system is that people who do not know what Korean sounds like before the fact are pretty much at sea in trying to correctly pronounce the romanized version.
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