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Russlog. The best weblog ever. (I've got this scary, Friday-the-13th feeling about this. Is judgement day upon us?)
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I quote from the log of Russ: Are most people worth the investiture of friendship and compassion? Can humans be divinely superficial or is it perilous preference? Rudimentary incompetence never supplants absolute veracity. Albeit true, all people are created equal, nonetheless all people are not equal. The separatrix lies with canny knack to reason and create achievement. Achievement is not equalized, it is expounded.
posted by gleemax at 6:45 PM on November 10, 2001

If this is so good why isn't posted on the MeFi? Honestly, am I missing some kind of inside-joke thing here?
posted by geoff. at 8:47 PM on November 10, 2001

Perhaps he could get a little help from the best web designer ever. Looks like butt in Opera.
posted by gleuschk at 8:57 PM on November 10, 2001

Kinda weird, but it spoke to me. Why is this posted to MeTa, again?

Also, you punctuated incorrectly, gleemax. Should be

Best. Weblog. Ever.

Don't forget next time!!
posted by rushmc at 10:26 PM on November 10, 2001

I. Just. Love. Single. Word. Sentences. For. 'Dramatic'. Effect.

It was posted to MeTa because I feel it's deeply and sexually cathartic to the broad range of this weblog formatting complex. Or something.
posted by gleemax at 11:54 PM on November 10, 2001

gleuschk: Yeah, his design is totally ass.
posted by gleemax at 11:54 PM on November 10, 2001

He also links to another weblog that is equally ass. Same design, different color.
posted by kindall at 11:58 PM on November 10, 2001

and why do they all go to northwestern?
posted by moz at 12:49 AM on November 11, 2001

friend of yours?
posted by clavdivs at 7:56 AM on November 11, 2001

This guy has an amazing ability to sound like he's writing in palindromes, even when he's not.
posted by rodii at 9:52 AM on November 11, 2001

Hey, what's wrong with going to Northwestern?
posted by gramcracker at 4:27 PM on November 11, 2001

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