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so, it appears there are something like fifty or sixty Mefites in and around the Denver/Boulder area. Of these, at least a handful are active members, right? Anyone interested in doing a Denver/Boulder meetup? boo_radley? koeselitz? eekacat? My time is equally split between Boulder and Denver these days, so I'm not particular. I'd lean towards Denver simply for the sake of numbers. Bonus: as the weather improves, it's likely I'll be down in LoDo on Wednesday nights for the Denver Cruise anyhow yes I know they say they don't start these till May but there's a hardcore group of nutjobs dedicated cyclists who do the cruise all year long... any excuse for a pubcrawl, right?
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ew, horrid formatting, sorry for the long fpp folks, won't happen again.
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Denver meetups haven't been so successful. Of the three I know of, the first I think was attended only by me and Kamylon, the second I missed (dinner with grandma that went late), and the other I was the only one from Denver who made it to meetup with some peeps from Cali.

I'm game, though, if you're interested in organizing something. Generally pretty flexible with regards to schedule.
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thanks! I have met eekacat in person and can (probably) get him to attend as well.

I'm flexible as to schedule as well. I simply don't understand why Denver isn't more well attended by the Metafilter crowd. The Denver Meetup site seems one of the top 3 most popular '' sites going, by comparison.

we suck, apparently.
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Let's get naked and oily engage in polite discussion over moderate libations.
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yes. And, I am mostly flexible except for Tuesday nights. Thanks for instigating it.
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Can I start derailing this thread now?
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Dizzy, do your worst dude.

fieldtrip: sounds good. Weds/Thurs/Fri work for me about equally. How about we make this happen next week. I personally vote for next Friday and somewhere in LoDo. Any takers?

unless LoDo is just too much of a PITA re: parking and all. I don't drive so I don't have to deal with it, meaning so long as i find a parking meter to lock my bike to, i'm set.

let me know what works, or you can email me (email in profile).
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LoDo parking is a pain but I'd either bike-I've biked downtown before, but only for exercise and lunch-or take light rail.

Next Friday, 2 March, works for me.
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I think Friday, March 2 is fine for me. let's pick somewhere near lightrail since that seems popular. ideas?
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Wednesday works for me, I work evenings but my off days are Tues - Wed

ltns all!

I'm so far out of the loop that it's 6 miles to the light rail, living in beautiful downtown Parker now.
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kamylyon (and everyone else): youall should now be on the email list for the final planning stages. email me if you aren't.
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Hahahaha. OK lonefrontranger, I am off that day and night and might be persuaded to show up, but it's going to take some awfully nice party favors...

Just kidding. I'll do my best to remember. That's the worst thing for me: remembering to show up. I'll probably forget to show up to my own funeral.

As an aside, having met lfr in real life I can vouch she is neato-torpedo, and well worth meeting if you can at all make it.
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I vote Friday night and anywhere but Paris on the Platte. If it is Paris on the Platte I still might consider it.
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Hi denver folks. For anyone who stumbles upon this thread, I have sent emails to all denver mefites that I can find to poll folks to see when and where would work best. If you haven't heard from me, shoot me an email and I will get you in the loop.
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I'm in. (thanks for the tip, trip). I'm easy either way, but Friday would let me sleep in, after. (5:30 am, otherwise).
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Octoparrot, i only mentioned PotP because i recalled the Wynkoop is noisy and crowded on weekends. i live in Boulder and don't know all the best LoDo hangouts. i'd prefer to let someone a bit more versed in central Denver hangouttery to come up with something better.

Fridays are going to work best for me as well (not a school night).

and thanks fieldtrip i got the email. appreciate you doing this.
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Any updates? Still looking at the 9th?
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hi octoparrot, YES we're still a go for the 9th. fieldtrip sent out a big old email and there was some grumbling about the whole lodo locale, and i've not yet had a chance to do much more on the planning end.

basically i'm compassionate about why people wouldn't want to hang in lodo (parking is a huge pain in the ass, etc.) but i'm not very flexible simply cos i actually live in boulder, dont have a car and need something that is:

a) accessible from/near the central RTD terminal(s) and

b) can be easily gotten to via bicycle; i'm going to be somewhat pessimistic about distance and assume the weather's got a 50/50 chance of being asstacular once again (god i am so ready for this winter to be over, you have no idea).

now that said, i'm a damn good cyclist, was a pro courier, still race and am resourceful as hell. so, assuming its not pissing rain and/or fifteen degrees and ice out, i can pretty much get alldamnover the greater downtown and nearby metro areas via bike.

the challenge is that because i live in boulder, and am not really a native denverite, i don't honestly have a facking clue where a good meetup spot would be for more than a handful of folks. im'a ask the boyfriend about this over the weekend, so expect an update in the next couple days.
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I don't hear a lot of folks going 'Oh! We've just got to do this at XXX!' So, lfr, since you're our designated benevolent dictator, I think we're all just waiting for you to pick a place.

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okay, i was just about to send an email out about this since people are being parsimonious with recommendations:

we'll do this at Falling Rock taphouse. 1919 Blake Street, Denver Colorado. (that's a google maps link, y'all).

if it sucks, well... we can go elsewhere. not like there aren't stacks of other watering holes nearby. but let's agree to start here and it shouldn't be too terribly loud or crowded.

i'll be there anytime between 6.45 and 7PM. i'm small, scruffy, female, and tend to dress like a bike messenger (on good days) and a homeless transient (the rest of the time). if i'm there, you'll also see my chrome-and-gaffer's-tape bianchi pista track bike locked to a prominent spot in front of the pub.

cross your fingers for warm weather - if that's the case we can sit out on the patio!

i'll paste all this into an email for the rest of the clan.
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